q1 postmodern and conceptualism

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    • anne hamilton
    • capacity of absorption
    • 1990


    the viewer becomes involved with the worked, visually and physically with the stimulation of senses. also interactive ( you can touch the glasses of water)
    • Tony Kushner
    • Persian Line
    • 1970

    Post modern art

    visibility of individual craftsman ship. parody of a fashion line which is mass produced/manufactured.
    • Saar
    • Liberation of Aunt Jemima
    • 1970

    Post modern

    • Changing relationship to issue of slavery
    • Shows progession of AJ model to socially and culturally acceptable standards of the time
    • Tony Smith
    • Die
    • 1962/1968

    • Kosuth
    • Art as idea as idea
    • 1970


    different connotations of the same word.
    • Kosuth
    • One and Three Tables
    • 1965

    Conceptual ism

    epistemological problems: "how do we know what we know?"
    • Kosuth
    • Untitled
    • 1975

    • we mistake the trees for the forest
    • too busy looking at details that you dont notice the work as a whole/totality
    • we areĀ  in a trance
    • we get lost and lose the meaning
    • how we are organized in the art of seeing
    • Lewitt
    • Locations of six geometric figures: the location of a circle and a trapazoid
    • 1975

    can you describe an image with language? and even then how much more difficult is it to do that way
    • Lewitt
    • Box in the hole
    • May 1970

    works can be executed differently when only given instructions.
    • Lewitt
    • variations of incomplete open cubes
    • 1970

    visual engagement changes the longer you look at it. mathematics and organized in a system. not by chance.
    • Lewitt
    • Four basic kinds of straight lines and all their combinations
    • 1970

    • song played is 18 musicians.
    • increase density in line pattern which was in sync with the increase intensity in sound
    • lewitt
    • 1975
    • Wall drawings #260

    • instructions in the middle of the drawings.
    • play by play of how the curators should execute the instructions given.
    • kawara
    • today
    • 1966

    biographical documentation w/o biographical content
    • kawara
    • postcard: i got up
    • 1970
    • on kawara
    • confirmation
    • 1975

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