UofH KOR402 VOCAB Chapter 12

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  1. 가두 시위
    street demonstration
  2. 가축
    domestic animal
  3. 간략히
    briefly; concisely
  4. 간략
    simplicity; brevity
  5. 간략하다
    to be simple; brief
  6. 감수성
  7. 강력(히)
  8. 결성하다
    to organize; to form (with people)
  9. 결성되다
    to be organized; to be formed (with people)
  10. 경고
  11. 경고하다
    to warn
  12. 공격적
    offensive, aggressive
  13. 공격하다
    to attack; to assault
  14. 그릇되다
    to become wrong; to go amiss; end in failure
  15. 그릇된 생각 / 그릇된 판단
    wrong idea / misjudgment, miscalculation
  16. 기고하다
    to write for a newspaper or magazine
  17. 신문에 기고하다
    to wirte for the paper
  18. 기사
  19. 신문 기사
    newspaper article
  20. 긴급
    urgency, emergency
  21. 긴급 명령 / 긴급 회희 / 긴급 조치
    emergency order; urgent command / emergency conference / emergency measures
  22. 꿰뚫다
    to pierce; to see into a person's heart
  23. 꿰뚤허 보다
    to see through
  24. 끔찍하다
    to be appalling, to be terrible
  25. 끔찍하게
    terribly, awfully
  26. 난도질하다
    to chop, to mince (meat)
  27. 논거
    grounds (basis) of an argument; data
  28. 논쟁
    dispute, argument, controversy
  29. 대대적
    grand, gigantic, immense, large-scale
  30. 대대적으로 광고하다
    to advertise extensively; place a large ad (in a newspaper)
  31. 대사관
  32. 주미 한국 대사관
    Korean Embassy in the U.S.
  33. 도살
    slaughter, butchery
  34. 동물 보호 단체
    animal protection organization
  35. 둘러싸다
    to surround; to enclose
  36. 마찬가지
    the very same; sameness
  37. 마찬가지로
    in the same manner
  38. 매도하다
    to denounce; to condem
  39. 명예
    honor; glory
  40. 명확하게
    clearly, definitely, precisely
  41. 문명인
    civilized person
  42. 문헌
    documents, written materials, literature
  43. 반론
    objection; refutation
  44. 별반
    not particularly; not especially
  45. 보도하다
    to report; inform people of; notify the public of
  46. 부각시키다
    to highlight; to bring to the fore
  47. 부정적인
  48. 불결하다
    to be dirty, to be unlean, foul
  49. 불결한 거리 / 불결한 장소
    filthy street / filthy place
  50. 불매 운동
    buyers'/shoppers'/consumers' boycott (movement) against pruchasing
  51. 비극
  52. 비난하다
    to criticize unfavorably; to censure; to blame; to condem
  53. 비판
    criticism; comment
  54. 비판하다
    to criticize
  55. 사대주의
    worship of the powerful; toadyism
  56. 살점
    piece of flesh
  57. --상
    on____; from the viewpoint of_____; in terms of____
  58. 인터넷상 / 교육상 / 편의상
    on the Internet / from an educational point of view / for convenience's sake
  59. 상거래
    buisness transaction; commercial dealings
  60. 상대주의
  61. 상식하다
    to eat normally; to live on
  62. 상식
    staple (daily) food
  63. 생생하게
    fresh; lively
  64. 서구 / 서구 사상 / 서구화
    Western / Western ideas / Westernization
  65. 성토
    denounce; censure
  66. 성토하다
    to censure; to denounce; to impeach
  67. 성토 대회
    indignation rally
  68. 시위
  69. 시정되다
    to be corrected; to be rectified
  70. 식성
    taste; culinary preference
  71. 식습관
    eating habits
  72. 식용하다
    to use as food
  73. 식용
    use as food
  74. 식용화
    making something as a food
  75. 식인종
    cannibal; man-eater
  76. 싣다
    to publish; to load; to carry
  77. 기사를 싣다
    to publish an aritcle (in a newspaper)
  78. 심각하다
    to be serious; to be grave
  79. 심각한 인생 문제
    serious problem of life
  80. 심성
    disposition; mentality
  81. 안목
    good eye (for); discerning eye; appreciative eye
  82. 전문가의 안목
    expert's eye
  83. 안목이 있는 사람
    discerning person
  84. 압력
  85. 압력을 가하다
     to apply pressure to
  86. 정치적 압력을 가하다
    to exercise political influence
  87. 앞두고
    with (something) ahead
  88. 애원견
    pet dog
  89. 애지중지하다
    to love and prize
  90. 야만
    savagery; savageness
  91. 야만적인 행위
    barbaric behavior
  92. 야만적인 풍습
    barbaric/savage custom
  93. 야생
  94. 야생 동물
    wild animal
  95. 양론
    both sides of an argument; both arguments
  96. 어찌하여
    for what reason; why
  97. 언론
    speech; discussion; the press
  98. 엄연히
    solemnly, gravely
  99. 여론
    public opinion
  100. 역행하다
    to go against
  101. 연맹
    leage; union; federation; confederation; alliance
  102. 영상 자료
    visual materials
  103. 오만
    arrogance; insolence
  104. 응호하다
    to protect; to safeguard
  105. 인권을 응호하다
    to defend human rights
  106. 위생
    hygiene; sanitation
  107. 위생 시설 / 공중 위생
    sanitary facilities / public hygiene
  108. 우인물
    printed matter
  109. 유전자
  110. 유동
  111. 유통하다
    to distribute; to circulate
  112. 음미
    tasting; sampling; appreciation; savoring
  113. 음지
    shady spot; dark place
  114. 양지
    sunny spot; bright place
  115. 이끌다
    to lead to; to take along with; to guide
  116. 인정하다
    to admit; to recognize; to acknowledge; to authorize
  117. 일간지
    daily newpaper
  118. 자체
    itself; oneself; one's own body
  119. 잔인하다
    to be cruel; to be heartless
  120. 잣대
    measuring stick; standard
  121. 전시하다
    to show; to exhibit
  122. 절실하다
    to be earnest; to be urgent
  123. 주도하다
    to be the main; to be the chief; to be the principle
  124. 주된 산업 / 주된 원인 / 주된 회원
    chief industry / major cause / leading members
  125. 중단하다
    to cease; to discontinue; to stop
  126. 즉각
    instantly; at once; immediately
  127. 지천 / 지천으로
    abundance / in great abundance
  128. 집중
    concentration; convergence
  129. 집중 포화 / 집중 폭격
    concentrated fire / saturation bombing
  130. 차원
    (mathematical) dimension
  131. 제삼차원
    the third dimension
  132. 차미하다
    to praise; to admire
  133. 신을 찬미하다
    to praise God
  134. 초점
    focus; focal point
  135. 촉구하다
    to demand; to press; to call upon
  136. 진자한 반성을 촉구하다
    to demand someone's serious reflection
  137. 취급하다
    to treat, handle, deal with in a certain way
  138. soup; broth
  139. 투우
    bullfighting; bullfight
  140. 특집
    special edition
  141. 특집호
    special number (issue)
  142. 판명
    becoming clear
  143. 판명하다
    to become clear
  144. 편성하다
    to draw up; to compose; to organize (things)
  145. 폐해
    evil, abuse, vice, evil practices
  146. 폐해를 고치다
    to correct (remedy) an evil or abuse
  147. 폐해를 끼치다
    to exert an evil influence on
  148. 포식
  149. 포식하다
    to prey upon; to catch and eat
  150. 폭로하다
    to reveal, to disclose, to expose
  151. 학대
    cruelty, mistreatment, maltreatment
  152. 학대하다
    to be cruel to; to mistreat
  153. 함부로
    recklessly, rashly
  154. 합법화
  155. 합법화하다
    to legalize
  156. 항의하다
    to protest
  157. 행위
    act, action, behavior, conduct
  158. 현지
    the acutal spot, the locale
  159. 현지 사람 / 현지 시각 / 현지 보고
    local people / local time / on-the-spot report
  160. 확산시키다
    to spread; to expand
  161. 후훤
  162. 후원회 / 후원자
    support group / sponsor
  163. 후진성
    underdevelopment; backwardness
  164. 흉계
    evil plot
  165. 흉계를 꾸미다
    to form an evil plot; to form a wicked design
  166. 희귀 동물
    rare animal
  167. 희한하다
    to be rare; to be scarce; to be uncommon
  168. 희한한 물건 / 희한한 사람
    rarity; rare item, product, thing / rare person
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