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  1. Lygia Clark, Bicho, 1962, aluminium
  2. Lygia Clark, Obra Mole, 1964, rubber
  3. Lygia Clark Ar e Pedra (air and stone), 1966 (destroyed) inflated plastic bag and stone
  4. Lygia Clark, Mandala, part of her series collective body, 1969 elastic bands
  5. Lygia Clark, Anthropophagic slobber, 1973, string and saliva
  6. Lygia Clark, Individual therapy with relational objects, 1975-80, Rio de Janeiro
  7. Hélio Oiticica, Nucleus 1, 1960 , painted wood, mirror
  8. Hélio Oiticia, Grand Nucleus, 1960-63, acrylic on wood panels and gravel (installed in 1988 at "Brazil Projects" at PS1, Long Island City)
  9. Hélio Oiticica, Box Bolide 9, 1964, painted wood, painted glass, pigment
  10. Hélio Oiticica, Glass Bolide 3, 1964, glass, plastic, canvas, pigment
  11. Hélio Oiticica, Parangolé (nildo de Manguera wearing P4 cape I, "Iembody revolt") 1964, straw and stuffed burlap
  12. Hélio Oiticica, "Tropicalia, 1967, environment, exhibited in New Brazilian Objectivity at Museum de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro
  13. Hélio Oiticica, Eden, Whitechapel Experience, 1969, installation at Whitechapel Gallery, London
  14. José Luis Cuevas, Portrait from life: Insane Person, 1954, pen ink and wash on paper
  15. José Luis Cuevas, Portrait of Kafka and his Father, From the series The Worlds of Kafka and Cuevas, 1957, pen and wash on blue paper
  16. Luis Felipe Noé, Closed for Sorcery, 1963, oil and collage on canvas
  17. Luis Felipe Noé, Introduction to hope, 1963, oil and collage on canvas, 9 panals
  18. Jorge de la Vega, The mirror at the End of the Stairs, 1963, mixed media on canvas
  19. Marta Minujín (Argentina), Obelisk of Sweet Rolls, From Myths and the law of Gravity series, 1980, wire frame covered with 10,000 packages of sweet rolls, Buenos Aires
  20. Beatriz González (Colombia), Greetings from Saint Peter, 1971, enamel on metal sheets painted on 3 metal nightstands
  21. Nirma Zárate and Diego Arango( Taller 4 Rojo, Comolbia), Imperoalist Aggression, 1972 Three photo-serigraph posters
  22. Pedro Alcántara ( Colombia), Oh waht Death Do you Sleep, Arise, From The "the bodies series, 1967-68, ink drawing
  23. Antonio Henrique Amaral( Brazil) Alnoe in Green, 1973, oil on canvas
  24. Cildo Merieles, The Southern Cross (Cruzeiro do Sul), Wood Cube (1 section pine, 1 section oak), 1969-70
  25. Cildo Merieles, How to Bild Cathedrals, 1989, recreated in 1992, 600,000 coins, 800 communion wafers, 2,000 cattle bones, 86 paving stones, black cloths and lights
  26. Catalina Parra, Diary of Life (or newspaper), 1977, newspaper, acrylic, sheets, and bolts
  27. Cildo Merieles, (Brazil), Ideological Circuits: Coca Cola Project, Coca Cola Bottles and silkscreen text, 1970
  28. Jorge de la Vega, the storm , 1962, ink on paper Otra Figuracion

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