OBGYN Exam 1 Ch.13

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  1. What is a teratogen?
    bad substance that crosses the placenta
  2. When are women most vulnerable during which trimester?
  3. Ovum is fertile for how long after ovulation?
    24 hours
  4. How long is are the trimesters?
    • 1st: 1-13
    • 2nd: 14-26
    • 3rd: 27-40
  5. What is gravida?
    woman pregs
  6. Gravidity?
  7. multigravida?
    woman with multi pregs
  8. Multipara?
    Woman who had two or more pregs with fetal viability
  9. Parity
    Number of pregs. Not the actual number or babies that came out.
  10. Viabilty?
    Ability to live outside uterus
  11. How many weeks is pre-term?
    20-37th weeks.
  12. What weeks are "term"?
    38-42nd week
  13. How to calc ETA of baby?
    • -3 months
    • +7 days
    • +1 year
  14. Breast changes
    Nausea, vomiting
    Urinary frequency

    are what kind of changes?
  15. The signs of pregnancy (Hegar, goodell, chadwick) are presumptive or probable?
  16. What is Hegar's sign?
    Lower uterine section soft
  17. Goodell sign. What is it?
    Soft cervix. Some bleeding.
  18. What is the chadwick sign?
    Blueish coloration of labia, cervix etc.
  19. What is the ballottement test?
    Touch the "entrance" and the baby floats up.
  20. What are "positive" preg tests?
    Fetal heart beat. Anything relating to physical fetus.
  21. Woman states nausea and vomiting. What kind of sign is it? Probable? Positive? Presumptive?
    Presumptive. Could be anything!
  22. How many weeks along pass does cervix soften?
  23. What is colostrum? How many weeks along does it appear?
    16 weeks. First stages of breastmilk. Yellowish, sticky. Packed full of carbs, protein, antibodies.
  24. A woman is lying on her back and has trouble breathing. What do you do?
    Lie them on side. Likely experiencing supine postural hypotension.
  25. What does the blood pressure look like during the whole pregnancy? Normal? Drops? Elevates?
    Normal first trimester. Drops 5-10 second. Normal third.
  26. During the late stages of pregs, body increases fibrinogen to get ready for all that bleeding. What does that make them at risk for?
    DVT. Fibrinogen + limited mobility = DVT.
  27. What changes in the blood work of a pregs?
    HCT + HG lowers = anemia
  28. What is the formula for mean arterial pressure?
    Image Upload 1
  29. What intengumentary changes can you expect?
    everything darkens, striations.
  30. What GI changes can you expect in pregnancy?
    constipation. morning sickness (although, it can be deceiving. could happen anytime)
  31. What does the body do with FSH and LH during pregnancy?
    Suppress. Ovulation hormones. Why would you want to ovulate when you're pregs?
  32. What does "progesterone" do during pregs?
    maintain pregs. relaxing smooth muscles so no contractions = no miscarriage. causes fat to be deposited for energy later. 
  33. What does estrogen do in pregs?
    vasodilation. relax pelvic joints. 
  34. What does oxytocin do in pregs?
    stimulate contractions in pregs.
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