lung cancer nursing

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  1. wedge resection chest surgery
    • removal of small, localized lesion occupied part of the segment
    • most conservative
    • post-op: chest tube
    • remove small peripheral nodules for pt unable to handle more extensive surgeries
  2. thoracotomy not involving lungs
    • incision into thorax for surgery of other organs
    • post-op: chest tube, care like for thoracotomy and the involve organ surgery
  3. exploratory thoracotomy
    • incision into the thorax to look for injuried, bleeding tissue
    • post-op: chest tube
  4. decortication chest surgery
    • removal or stripping of thick fibrous membrane from visceral pleura
    • post-op: chest tube
  5. segmental resection of chest surgery
    • removal of ore or more lung segments
    • to remove bronchovascular lung segments
    • for pt unable to handle more extensive surgeries
    • post-op: chest tube
    • lung expand to fill space
  6. pneumonectomy
    • removal of entire lung
    • only when lobectomy/segmental resection not remove all diseased lung
    • post-op: may have clamped chest tube, position pt on operative side to promote expansion of remaining lung
    • fluid fill up space of lung
  7. lobectomy
    • removal of one lobe of lung
    • most common lung surgery
    • post-op: need chest tube
    • lung tissue will expand from the resected lobe
  8. small cell carcinoma (SCLC)
    • chemotherapy
    • poor prognosis
    • radiation, palliative used as adjuvant
  9. large cell (undifferentiated) carcinoma (NSCLC)
    • not for surgery b/c high metastasis
    • radiosensitive -> radiation
    • my recur
  10. squamous cell carcinoma (NSCLC)
    surgical resection
  11. adenocarcinoma (NSCLC)
    • interstitial fibrosis
    • surgical resection
    • not respond well to chemotherapy
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