spanish meet and greet

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  1. professor ruiz let me present to you my friend david.
    professora ruiz le presento a mi amigo david
  2. profesora ruiz le presento a mi amigo david
    professor ruiz let me present to you my friend david
  3. and you(formal)
    y usted?
  4. let me present to you(formal)
    le presento a
  5. let me present to you(informal)
    te presento a...
  6. RESPONSE: de donde eres?
    soy de ....
  7. where are you from?
    de donde eres
  8. where are you from(formal)
    de donde es usted?
  9. i am(permanent)
    yo soy
  10. you are
    tu` eres
  11. you are(formal)
    es usted
  12. he is
    e`l es
  13. she is
    ella es
  14. we are
    nosotros/as somos
  15. you(plural) are
    vosotros/as sois
  16. you(plural,formal) are
    ustedes son
  17. they are
    ellos/as son
  18. I am from mexico and she is from puerto rico
    yo soy de mexico y ella es de puerto rico
  19. pardon me
  20. excuse me
    con permiso
  21. are you from argentina
    hay una persona de argentina

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