Animal Nutrition

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  1. What is nutrition
    numerous chemical reactions and physiological processes which transform food into body tissues and activities
  2. Nutrition involves:
    • ingestion, digestion and absorption of nutrients
    • transport of nutrients to body cells
    • removal of waste
  3. Why is nutrition important to producers?
    • It's involved in every aspect of life. 
    • It accounts for over half the cost of raising an animal.
  4. What is the most limiting nutrient?
  5. Nutrient cycles of plants require:
    a large number of inorganics: ammonia, nitrate, CO2, minerals
  6. Nutrient cycles of animals require:
    pre-formed compounds: from feed and microbial processes
  7. Relationship between socio-economic status and meat consumption
    meat consumption goes up with economic increase, but can peak at a certain point and reduce slightly
  8. Functional foods are
    foods that provide more than your normal nutrition (have something added to it)
  9. Define Nutrient
    chemical in the diet of either an element or coumpound
  10. Nutrients support
    • normal:
    • reproduction, growth, lactation, and maintenance of life processes
  11. Types of nutients
    • Essential-can not be made in sufficient amounts
    • Nonessential- can be made by body
  12. Classes of nutrients
    • Water- most important
    • Carbohydrates & fats- energy
    • Proteins- provide some energy
    • Minerals and Vitamins- tace nutrients
  13. Functions of nutrients
    structure, energy, regulation (homeostasis), production
  14. Chemical composition of an animal
    water, protein, fat and ash
  15. chemical composition of a plant
    water & dry matter: inorganic-minerals, organic-carbs, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, organic acids, vitamins
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