HESI A&P Respiratory System

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  1. What are the components of the Respiratory System?
    • Nose
    • Pharynx
    • Larynx
    • Trachea
    • Bronchi
    • Lungs w/ Alveoli
    • Diaphragm
    • Muscles surrounding ribs
  2. What area of the brain controls Respiration ?
    The respiratory control center in the Medulla of brain.
  3. The respiratory system supplies ________ to the body and eliminates ________ ______.
    • Oxygen
    • Carbon dioxide
  4. What is External Respiration?
    It is the exchange of gases between the atmosphere and the blood through the alveoli.
  5. What is Internal Respiration?
    It is the exchange of gases between the blood and the body cells.
  6. The _____ passageways also serve to warm, filter, and moisten the incoming air.
  7. The upper respiratory tubules are lined with _____ that help to trap debris and keep foreign substances from entering the lungs.
  8. Inhalation requires the contraction of the _________ to enlarge the _______ _______ and draw air into the lungs.
    • Diaphragm 
    • Thoracic Cavity
  9. Exhalation is a passive process during which the lungs recoil as the respiratory muscles _____ and the thorax _________ in size.
    • Relax
    • Decreases
  10. Most of the oxygen carried in the blood is bound to ________ in red blood cells.
  11. Oxygen is released from hemoglobin as the concentration of oxygen ______ in the tissues.
    Drops or gets lower
  12. Some _____ ______ is bound to blood proteins, but most is converted to __________ ___ by carbonic anhydrase (enzyme)  within red blood cells.
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Bicarbonate Ion
  13. ________ _______ is a regulator of blood pH.
    Carbon Dioxide
  14. Respiratory System
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