Property I Cases

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  1. Post v. Pierson
  2. Moore v. Regents
  3. Texxon
  4. Wilcox v. Stroup
    Wilcox stands for the proposition that ownership creates a rebuttable presumption of ownership that must be overcome by a preponderance of the evidence. The policy being that too much rides on ownership to just upset it willy-nilly.
  5. Charrier v. Bell
    Charrier stands for the proposition that graves cannot be exhumed to claim property because they are not abandoned. Abandoned property is property that the owner formed the subjective intent to relinquish all ownership rights in.
  6. Brown v. Gobble
    Brown v. Gobble stands for the proposition that by using the "Tacking" doctrine one may add up time periods to satisfy the statutory time requirement needed to effect the legal doctrine of Adverse Possession.
  7. Romero v. Garcia
    Romero stands for the proposition that when an adverse possessor utilizes the doctrine known as Color of Title, if he succeeds his he will be awarded all of the land described in the deed.
  8. Nome 2000 v. Fagerstrom
    Nome 2000 stands for the proposition that an adverse possessor must use the land as would an owner of land of that type and character
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