AP US History Revolution-Foundations Study Guide

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  1. The French and Indian War as a cause of the Revolution 
    • *lock down
    • *Great Britain wouldn't let them go East
    • *Great Britain made us pay for "protection" through taxes 
  2. The Impact of British Laws and taxes as a cause of the Revolution
    • *No taxation without representation
    • *Stricter Laws such as the Proclamation of 1763. 
  3. Boston Tea Party
    Colonists disguised as Indians boarded three British Tea Ships and threw the tea into the harbor
  4. Boston Massacre 
    • in Boston, a crowd of colonists threatened a squad of British soldiers
    • *The soldiers opened fire, killing five colonists, including an African American Crispus Attucks. 
  5. The long term impact of Lexington and Concord
    • *Start of the Revolutionary War 
    • *Creation of the Declaration of Indepence
  6. The influence of the enlightenment and natural rights on the early U.S. 
    • *Ideas of Government should protect the people!
    • *people had natural rights
    • *John locke
  7. Impact of foreign support regarding the revolutionary war 
    • *Foreign support helped us win the Revolutionary war
    • *French Aid. 
  8. Loyalist/Patriots/Moderates
    was the people split up during the Revolutionary War. 
  9. Reasons for U.S. Victory during the Revolution
    • *Foreign Aid
    • * Guerrilla Warfare 
    • *Strategy
    • *War across the ocean
  10. Philosophy and impact the Declaration 
    *Enlightenment Ideas that Government are set-up for the people
  11. Explain the importance of Saratoga and Yorktown 
    • *Saratoga was where we proved ourselves and got French aid!
    • *Yorktown- was the Battle where we won Independence and it was the end of the war 
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