Cultural Lexicon

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  1. amico/straniero
    • -friend/stranger
    • -designated the divide between insiderness and outsiderness
  2. buffone
    -buffoon or fool
  3. cafone
    • -peasant
    • -ill mannered person
    • -show no respect for the traditions and customs
  4. Campanilismo 
    -excessive attachment to one's native town or village
  5. Contadino
    • -peasant farmworker
    • -the lower class of southern italians
  6. Cornuto
    • -cuckholded
    • -applied to a man whose wife has been unfaithful 
  7. cultural negata
    • -negated or denied culture
    • -used to describe the culture of Italian peasants 
  8. destino
  9. disprezzato
    • -not appreciated
    • -describes the mistreatment of Italians in america 
  10. donna seria
    • -a serious woman
    • -center of power and authority in family
  11. famiglia
    -the family
  12. Gabellotto
    -Big leaseholders who managed the farms leased to them by landlords in Sicily 
  13. Italianita
    • -italianess
    • -used to describe italian identity 
  14. latifondo 
    -a large agricultural estate
  15. Madonna/Puttana
    • -the mother-whore
    • -contamination of sacred and profane 
  16. Mafia
    -Sicilian underworld organization 
  17. Mezzogiorno 
    • -Southern Italy
    • -Compromising 6 provinces
  18. miseria
  19. Omerta
    -ancient code of silence maintained by members of the criminal underworld
  20. Ordine della famiglia
    • -the order of the family
    • -rules of one's relation and responsibilities within to his family and posture toward those outside. 
  21. Padrino 
    • -godfather
    • -sponsor
  22. Padrone
    -Master, owner, boss
  23. passeggiata
    • -walk
    • -evening stroll in which all residents in a small town put on their best clothing and parade through town in order to be seen by others
  24. Rispetto 
  25. uomo di rispetto
    - a respect-worthy man
  26. Serieta
    • -seriousness
    • -function of italian family
  27. uomo d'onore
    -a man of honor
  28. furbizia
  29. Vergogna
  30. wop
    • -an offensive american term used to derogatorily designate italians
    • -without papers
  31. brutta figura
    -to look silly
  32. Pappanomy
    • -Sicilian parents name their first son after his dad's father
    • -their second after his mother's father
    • -first daughter takes the name of her mother's mother
    • -second that of her mother's mother
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