Intracellular Digestion in Porifera

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  1. __has openings called __which allow water and food to come in to __for the __.

    __is lined with specialized cells called __, which are the cells that are going to complete__
  2. o    Spongocoel
    • o    porocytes
    • o    porocytes
    • o    spongocoel
    • o    Spongocoel
    • o    choanocytes
    • o    intracellular digestion
  3. The __(means collar cells) has a _ and a __.
    • o    choanocyte
    • o    collar and a large coelum coming out of it 
    • o    it has mucus lining the collar so food can stick
  4. 1.   True or False: Body can also phagocytise foodàfood vacuoleà digest it

  5. 1.   What is the choanocyte going to do?
    Choanocyte is going to break down food intobuilding blocks; keep what it needs; and transport some of the nutrients to the cell its associated with, called the amoebocyte
  6. What is the amoebocyte's role?
    the amoebocyte’s role is to distribute the food to the cells that are not exposed to the spongocoel
  7. What is the amoebocyte?
    the amoebocyte is a mobile cell that will travel around the cell and by endocytosis, will deliver nutrients to the cells that are not exposed to the spongocoel
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