Community Nutrition Chapter 7

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  1. Define National Nutrition Policy
    A set a nationwide guidelines that specify how the nutritional needs of the population will be met.
  2. Define Nutrition Screening
    A system that identifies specific individuals for nutrition or public health intervention, often at the community level.
  3. Define Nutrition Assessment
    The measurement of indicators of dietary status and nutrition-related health status to identify the possible occurrence, nature, and extent of impaired nutritional status (ranging from deficiency to toxicity)
  4. Define Nutrition Monitoring
    The assessment of dietary or nutritional status at intermittent times with the aim of detecting changes in the dietary or nutritional status of a population.
  5. Define Nutrition Surveillance
    The continuous assessment of nutritional status for the purpose of detecting changes in trends or distribution so that corrective measures can be taken.
  6. What is the National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Program (NNMRRP)?
    The set of activities that provides regular information about the contribution that diet and nutritional status make to the health of the U.S. population and about the factors affecting diet and nutritional status.
  7. What are the five areas of NNMRRP surveys?
    1. Nutritional status and nutrition-related health measurements

    2. Food and nutrient consumption

    3. knowledge, attitudes, and behavior assessments

    4. food composition and nutrient databases

    5. Food supply determinations
  8. Define Response Rate
    The value obtained by multiplying the participation rates for each survey component.
  9. What are the major Nutritional status and Nutrition-related health measurements surveys?
    National health and Nutrition examination Survey (NHANES I)


    Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HHANES)


    Continuous NHANES
  10. What are the current major Food and Nutrient Consumption surveys?
    What We Eat in America Survey (WWEIA)

    Total Diet Study(TDS)
  11. Define Food Disappearance Data (Food Supply Data)
    the amount of food remaining, from the total available food supply, after subtracting nonfood uses such as exports and industrial uses.

    These data represent the food that "disappears" into the marketing system and is available for human consumption.
  12. What is the major Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Assessments survey?
    Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
  13. How has society changes/how is it changing?
    • More diverse
    • o  Hispanic population is the fastest growing
    • o  Asian and multiple races are also growing
    • rapidly

    • -         Aging
    • o  Less births, more elderly due to baby boomers
    • o  85+ is the highest growing segment

    -         More educated

    • -         Socioeconomic changes
    • o  Income inequality (more separation between rich and poor)

    -         Growth is slowing

    -         Moving west and south

    • -         Moving away from suburbs
    • o  Rich are moving into the cities and poor are moving into the suburbs

    -         Waiting to procreate

    -         Generational diversity

    • -         Challenges of 21st century lifestyle
    • o  Grocery stores no longer close
    • o  Availability and portion sizes changed
    • o  Environmental concerns

    • -         Global challenges
    • o  Obesity
    • o  Global warming & Energy
  14. What are the two government departments that deal with nutrition?
    Department of Agriculture (USDA)

    Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  15. What is the USDA responsible for?
    The Nutrition health of the nation

    USDA runs almost all of the food programs (SNAP, School lunch etc)

    Food and Nutrition Service is the major group responsible for nutrition
  16. What is DHHS responsible for?
    The health of the nation

    DHHS runs the major elder nutrition programs.

    Administration on Aging is the major group responsible for elder nutrition
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