AG 6

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  1. determining which public policy questions will be debated or considered
    agenda setting
  2. a federal communications commission rule enforced between 1949 and 1987 that required radio and television to present and discuss controversial issues in a manner that as honest, equitable and balanced
    fairness doctrine
  3. a long-lasting effect of the events of a particular time on the political opinions of those who came of political age at that time
    generational effect
  4. one who is able to influence the opinion of others because of position, expertise, or personality
    opinion leader
  5. a method of systematically questioning a small selected sample of respondents whoa re deemed representative of the total population
    opinion poll
  6. an interpretation of political events that is favorable to a candidate or offieholder
  7. a political advisor who tries to convince journalist of the truth of a particular interpretation of events
    spin doctor
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