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  1. One of the 2 major party evolving out of the Republican Party of Thomas JEfferson
    Democratic Party
  2. an interest group technique that uses direct interaction with government officials to further the group's goals
    direct technique
  3. a group or bloc in a legislature or political party acting in pursuit of some special interest or position
  4. an interest group technique that uses third parties to influence government officials
    indirect technique
  5. the economic and political expression of working-class interests
    labor movement
  6. a standing committee of a national political party established to direct and coordinate party activities between national party conventions
    national committee
  7. the practice of rewarding faithful party workers and followers with government employment and contracts
  8. a number of votes cast for a candidate that is greater than the number of votes for any other candidate but not necessarily a majority
  9. a large-scale lasting change in the types of voters who support each of the major political parties
  10. emerged in the 1850's as an antislavery party and consisted of former northern whigs and antislavery democrats
    republican party
  11. section of the economy that provides services instead of goods
    service sector
  12. a movement that represents the demands of a large segment of the public for political, economic, and social change
    social movement
  13. a new party formed by a dissident faction within a major political party
    splinter party
  14. the principal organized structure of each political party within each state this committee is responsible for carrying out policy decisions of the party's state convention
    state central committee
  15. a rule by which all of a state's electoral votes are cast for the presidential candidate who receives a plurality of the voted in that state
    unit rule
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