les verbes irréguliers français

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  1. I have
  2. you have (informal)
    tu as
  3. he/she has
    il/elle a
  4. we have
    nous avons
  5. you have (formal/plural))
    vous avez
  6. they have
    ils/elles ont
  7. I am
    je suis
  8. you are (informal)
    tu es
  9. he/she is
    il/elle est
  10. we are
    nous sommes
  11. you are (formal/plural)
    vous êtes
  12. they are
    ils/elles sont
  13. I am going/I go
    je vais
  14. you are going/you go (informal)
    tu vas
  15. he/she is going/he/she goes
    il/elle va
  16. we are going/we go
    nous allons
  17. you are going/you go (formal/plural)
    vous allez
  18. they are going/they go
    ils/elles vont
  19. I have had
     j'ai eu
  20. you have had (informal)
    tu as eu
  21. he/she has had
    il/elle a eu
  22. we have had
    nous avons eu
  23. you have had (formal/plural)
    vous avez eu
  24. they have had
    ils/elles ont eu
  25. I am going to have
    Je vais avoir
  26. you are going to have (informal)
    tu vas avoir
  27. he/she is going to have
    il/elle va avoir
  28. we are going to have
    nous allons avoir
  29. you are going to have (formal/plural)
    vous allez avoir
  30. they are going to have
    ils/elles vont avoir
  31. I have been
    j'ai été
  32. you have been (informal)
    tu as été
  33. he/she has been
    il/elle a été
  34. we have been
    nous avons été
  35. you have been (formal/plural)
    vous avez été
  36. they have been
    ils/elles ont été
  37. I have gone
    je suis allé
  38. you have gone (informal)
    tu es allé
  39. he/she has gone
    il/elle est allé
  40. we have gone
    nous sommes allés
  41. you have gone (formal/plural)
    vous êtes allés
  42. they have gone
    ils/elles sont allés
  43. I am going to go
    je vais aller
  44. you are going to go (informal)
    tu vas aller
  45. he/she is going to go
    il/elle va aller
  46. we are going to go
    nous allons aller
  47. you are going to go (formal/plural)
    vous allez aller
  48. they are going to go
    ils/elles vont aller
  49. I have drunk
    j'ai bu
  50. you have drunk (informal)
    tu as bu
  51. he/she has drunk
    il/elle a bu
  52. we have drunk
    nous avons bu
  53. you (formal/plural)
    vous avez bu
  54. they have drunk
    ils/elles ont bu
  55. I drink/I will drink
    je bois
  56. you will drink (informal)
    tu bois
  57. he/she will drink
    il/elle boit
  58. we drink/we will drink
    nous buvons
  59. you drink(formal/plural)
    vous buvez
  60. they drink
    ils/elles boivent
  61. I am going to drink
    Je vais boire
  62. you are going to drink (informal)
    tu vas boire
  63. he/she is going to drink
    il/elle va boire
  64. we are going to drink
    nous allons boire
  65. you are going to drink (formal/plural)
    vous allez boire
  66. they are going to drink
    ils/elles vont boire
  67. I have done/I did
    j'ai fait
  68. you have done/you did (informal)
    tu as fait
  69. he/she has done/did
    il/elle a fait
  70. we have done/did
    nous avons fait
  71. you have done/did (formal/plural)
    vous avez fait
  72. they have done/did
    ils/elles ont fait
  73. I do/I make
    je fais
  74. you do/make (informal)
    tu fais
  75. he/she does/makes
    il/elle fait
  76. we do/make
    nous faisons
  77. you do/make (formal/plural)
    vous faites
  78. they do/make
    ils/elles font
  79. i am going to do/make (informal)
    je vais faire
  80. you are going to do/make (informal)
    tu vas faire
  81. he/she is gong to do/make
    il/elles va faire
  82. we are going to do/make
    nous allons faire
  83. you are gong to do/make (formal/plural)
    vous allez faire
  84. they are going to do/make
    ils/elles vont faire

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les verbes français: Passé composé, présent indicatif, futur proche
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