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  1. What do you need to take care of with computers
    ensure SUPPLIMENT and do not repalce
  2. 3 things to remember about storrage for realistic types of play
    • realistic as possible
    • learn pratical life skills (food in fridge)
    • organized like would at home
    • learns sequence of steps involved
  3. 3 things to remember about storage of imaginary play with props
    • displayed where kids can see them
    • boxes that have diff and interesting items
    • mats easily accessible
    • organization logical
    • attractive mats
  4. effective label systems for drama area
    • labelign needs reflect common sense
    • sotrage logically organized
    • Don't label fridge/ stove
    • lavel sheves with pics
  5. 5 thigns to provide in drama to learn about other cultures & disabilities
    • diff eating utensils
    • items for diff kind of work
    • try on realistic clothes from culture
    • creat bilidngs from boxes
    • act out stories from other ucltures
    • diversity in dolls, boks, display
    • props from other cultures
    • props to introduce disabilities (crutches)
  6. How does a center score "Excellent" in ECERS  
    more than 1 area for dramatic play
  7. Components of good quality housekeeping or daily living are
    • kitchen area
    • baby bath
    • bedrooms
    • cleaning
  8. how can educators encourage creativeity thorugh interst relaticed scenarios
    giving chance to extend their play to other areas of interests
  9. 5 safety considerations for drama area
    • mirrors are shatterproof
    • breakable dishes in carpet 
    • remove drawstrings
    • ensure AGE appropirate
    • discuss safety guideliens iwth kids
    • clothes that fit
    • disinfect clothing
    • ensure cleanliness
    • Safe storage
  10. how does outdoor play support dramatic play activities
    • gross motor activity is involved
    • outdoors can be transformed with imagination and creativity
  11. how doe use of imagiation and creativity with outdoor invonmnet support development
    • gain social and language skills
    • gain gross motor skills
    • dramatic play can be encouraged nad enhanced
  12. How to adjust environmnet to support social and emotional interactions
    • well defined areas
    • clear pathways
    • child-sized furnishings
    • quiet spaces
    • active spots
    • individual spaces
    • visuals
    • good bye spaces
  13. Children will most likely initiate participate in spontaneous dramatic play when they are provided with....
    • atm that supports exploration of wonder, imagination and curiosity
    • child centered approach program and activities
    • many loose parts/open ended mats
  14. how does willow hut supprot outdoor play
    • sit explore, club house
    • help build and expand
    • shelters from weather
  15. 3 ways educators expanded on play using ovservation and doc in MUD play
    • add bottles colored water
    • snow to make cookies, sculpures
    • "mud foods" - reciepes and wiritng
    • reciees to meausing materials
  16. hwo does mud center adress development of whole child
    • creatively - mud as art medium
    • math and science - before/after comaprisions, investigating, problem solving
    • literacty - printed lables, reciies
    • social/emotionsl - encourages independace, cooeration

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ECE 105 LO5
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