Foundations of Management Chapters 5 & 6: Legal Context of Management

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  1. What provide the broad guidelines for HRM practices?
    Legal structures
  2. What are federal laws referred to as?
    Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) legislation
  3. Who administers the EEO legislation?
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  4. What does the Civil Rights (1964, 1991) Title VII say?
    Prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national origin, age, and disability.
  5. What businesses apply to the Civil Rights Act (1964, 1991) Title VII?
    Employers > 15 employees (as well as labor unions and employment agencies)
  6. What does the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (1967) say?
    Forbids employment discrimination based on age for those 40 and older.
  7. Who does the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (1967) apply to?
    Employers > 20 employees
  8. What does the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) say?
    • Can't discriminate against people with physical or mental disabilities
    • Requires reasonable accommodation of qualified applicants.
  9. Who does the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) apply to?
    Employers > 15 employees
  10. What does the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (1978) say?
    Amends CRA and treats pregnancy as a "temporary disability"
  11. What does the Family & Medical Leave Act (1993) say?
    Employees can take up to 12 unpaid weeks off for family matters and still retain same or comparable job
  12. What does the Executive Order 11246 say?
    Requires government agencies and federal contractors to engage in affirmative action when hiring women and minorities.
  13. Who is responsible for Executive Order 11246?
    Office of Federal Contract Compliance Procedures (OFCCP)
  14. What is the definition of disability?
    Physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, such as walking  talking, seeing, hearing, or learning.
  15. What are the stipulations of an ADA disability?
    • Permanent
    • Prevents or severely restricts life activities that are most important to daily life
  16. For what age does the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) apply?
    Employees age 40 and over
  17. What is sexual harassment?
    Unwelcome sexual advances, requests or favors when rejection or submission affects something job related.
  18. What is quid pro quo in sexual harassment?
    • When the harassment is a condition of employment
    • you give me this, I'll give you that
  19. What is hostile work environment sexual harassment?
    Verbal or physical conduct that creates a hostile environment interfering with work performance
  20. What is disparate treatment of discrimination?
    • Intentional discrimination
    • Retaliation
  21. What is adverse impact of discrimination?
    Unintentional discrimination
  22. What is the 4/5ths rule when hiring to avoid adverse impact from discrimination?
    Selection rate of one group is < 80% of that of the highest selected group
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