Ophthamology Physiology

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  1. Eye and Retina Anatomy
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  2. Aqueous Humor Pathway
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    • -Ciliary epithelium produces aqueous humor

    -aqueous humor circulates from posterior chamber in between lens and iris into anterior chamber

    -the trabecular meshwork collects aqueous humor that flows through anterior chamber

    -Canal of Schlemm collects aqueous humor from trabecular meshwork
  3. Extraocular Muscles and Nerves
    • Lateral Rectus: CNVI
    • Superior Oblique: CNIV
    • Rest: CNIII

    "Chemical formula LR6SO4R3"

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  4. Testing Extraocular Muscles
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    • "Obliques move eye in the Opposite direction"
  5. Miosis
    • Constriction
    • Parasympathetic

    • First Neuron:
    • -Edinger Westphal nucleus to ciliary ganglion via CNIII

    • Second Neuron:
    • -short ciliary nerves to pupillary sphincter musces

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  6. Mydriasis
    • Dilation
    • Sympathetic

    • First Neuron:
    • -hypothalamus to ciliospinal center of Budge (C8-T2)

    • Second Neuron:
    • -exit at TI to superior cervical ganglion (travels along cervical sympathetic chain)

    • Third Neuron:
    • -plexus along internal carotid, through cavernous sinus
    • -enters orbit as long ciliary nerve to pupillary dilator muscle

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  7. Pupillary Light Reflex
    • -Input via CNII to bilateral pretectal nuclei in midbrain
    • -signals to bilateral Edinger-Westphal nuclei
    • -Output via bilateral CNIII through ciliary ganglion to pupillary constrictor muscle

    Consensual Reflex: bilateral pupillary constriction

    Swinging Flashlight Test

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  8. Oculomotor Nerve Specifics
    Motor (central) and Parasympathetic (peripheral) components

    Motor primarily affected by vascular disease

    Parasympathetic primarily affected by compression
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