Warder Pali Chapter 10, 5 Exercises Pali to English

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  1. na cira.m tathaagatassa parinibbaana.m bhavissati
    not / a long time / of the Tathagata / the passing away / will be

    The passing away of the Tathagata will not be long.[D.II.114 — xvi.(Mahaaparinibbaana).3.37]
  2. imassa jayo bhavissati
    for this one / victory / there will be

    There will be victory for this one.[D.I.10 — i.(Brahmajaala).1.23]
  3. braahma.naa brahmuno puttaa
    Brahmins / of Brahma / sons

    The Brahmins are sons of Brahma. [D.III.81 — xxvii.(Agga~n~na).3]
  4. dukkhass' anta.m karissanti
    of suffering / end / they will make

    They will make an end of suffering. [D.I.54 — ii.(Saama~n~naphala).20]
  5. aaropito te vaado
    disproved / of you / the statement

    Your statement has been disproved. [D.I.8 — i.(Brahmajaala).1.18]
  6. aya.m imassa bhaasitassa attho
    this / of this / speech / the meaning

    This is the meaning of this speech. [D.I.137 — v.(Kuu.tadanta).13]
  7. maa me purato a.t.thaasi
    do not / of me / in front / stand

    Do not stand in front of me.[D.II.139 — xvi.(Mahaaparinibbaana).5.4]
  8. so ma.m pa~nhena, aha.m veyyaakara.nena sobhissaami
    he / me / by the question / I / with an explanation / I will make clear

    By him questioning me, and my explaining, I will make it clear.[D.I.105 — iii.(Amba.t.tha).2.10]
  9. tena kho pana samayena Aanando bhagavato pi.t.thito .thito hoti bhagavanta.m viijamaano
    at that / indeed / but / time / Ananda / the Blessed One / behind / standing / is / the Blessed One / fanning

    But at that time Ananda was standing behind the Blessed One fanning him. [D.II.73 — xvi.(Mahaaparinibbaana).1.4]
  10. kamma.m kho pana me karontassa kaayo kilamissati
    action / indeed / but / of me / of doing / the body / will tire

    Moreover, while doing this action my body will tire. [D.III.255 — xxxiii.(Sa"ngiiti).3.1.(iv)]
  11. tassa ratanaani bhavanti
    his / gems / they are

    They are his gems. [D.II.16 — xiv.(Mahaapadaana).1.31]

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