Oryctolagus cunniculus

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  1. What is Oryctolagus cunniculus?
  2. Are rabbits considered rodents?
  3. How are rabbits different from rodents?
    • two sets of upper incisors
    • larger ears
  4. Are rabbits hind gut fermentors?
  5. What are the second set of incisors in rabbits called?
    peg teeth
  6. What is another name for a rabbit?
  7. What are the different types of lagomorphs?
    • rabbits
    • hares
    • pikas
  8. What is the average size of rabbits?
    • dwarf rabbits about 1 kg
    • giant rabbits about 9 kg
  9. What are male rabbits called?
  10. What are female rabbits called?
  11. What is the average lifespan of rabbits?
    6 - 8 years (up to 15 years)
  12. Which rabbit is the only one used in research?
    new zealand white
  13. What is coprophgy and do rabbits do this?
    • eating poop
    • rabbit do this often and usually at night or early morning
  14. What is the feces called that rabbits eat?
    soft mucus-coated cecotrophs
  15. Describe rabbit urine.
    • alkaline cloudy urine
    • many crystals present
    • occasionally red - brown
  16. What is the body temperature of a rabbit?
    100 - 104
  17. What are the difference things the rabbit's ears are used for?
    • heat loss
    • blood collection
    • acute hearing
    • tattoo for ID
  18. Can we house rabbits together?
    • house adults separately because they will fight
    • young are okay together
  19. What are the three main uses for rabbits?
    • research (3rd most common)
    • pets (3rd most common)
    • food
  20. Why are rabbit's urine cloudy?
    because of calcium carbonate crystals found in the urine
  21. Can rabbits be litter box trained?
  22. If we house our rabbits outside what do we need to be careful of?
    extreme temperatures, don't want them to get too cold or too hot - can easily have a heat stroke
  23. Do rabbits drink a lot of water?
  24. What is the diet of a rabbit like?
    • need more roughage to keep from overeating
    • use grass (dark greens) or timothy hay
    • supplement with fresh vegetables
    • can feed pellet food but be careful to not overfeed
  25. What can overfeeding a rabbit with pellet food cause?
    • obesity
    • teeth problems
    • hairballs
  26. How much food should a rabbit get per day?
    adults need 1/8 cup/5 pounds
  27. How much water do rabbits drink per day?
    60 - 150 ml/kg/day
  28. If we restrain a rabbit the wrong way, what can happen?
    rabbit can break its back
  29. Can we scruff a rabbit?
    yes, but make sure to support body as well
  30. What kind of cat restraint can we use for rabbits?  What do we use it for?
    • cat bag
    • good for exams and giving meds
  31. Why should we use drugs with a rabbit if the exam is going to be prolonged?
    rabbits get easily stressed and can go into shock and die
  32. What are the different places to collect blood in rabbits?
    • ear veins (central and marginal ones)
    • cephalic veins
    • medial saphenous vein
    • jugular vein (not often used)
  33. How is rabbit blood different than other mammals?
    rabbits have heterophils which have red granules
  34. How can we tell the sex of a rabbit?
    press the anterior to genitalia - this will either evert cylindrical penis or slit - like vulva
  35. Are rabbits polyestrous?
  36. How do we breed rabbits?
    • bring doe to buck
    • separate postbreeding/if fight
    • doe may scream postbreeding
  37. Are rabbits induced ovulators?
  38. What is the gestation of a rabbit?
    30 - 33 days
  39. Is pseudopregnancy common in rabbits?
  40. How many babies are in a litter of rabbits?
    4 - 10
  41. What is a group of baby rabbits called?  What are individual baby rabbits called?
    • group:  kindling
    • individual:  kit
  42. Are rabbits nest builders?
    yes, pull hair to line nest
  43. How many times a day does a baby rabbit nurse?
    2 - 3 times/day because the milk is very concentrated
  44. Are rabbits easy to hand raise?
    no, very difficult
  45. When do we wean rabbits?
    6 - 8 weeks
  46. When do rabbits reach puberty?
    at 5 - 9 months
  47. What is a very common parasite in rabbits?
  48. What does coccidiosis cause in kits?
  49. How do we usually treat coccidiosis in rabbits?
    with albon
  50. What is a cuterebra?
  51. What does cuterebra look like in rabbits?  How do we treat it?
    • mass present
    • remove maggot but don't crush it
    • may see second degree lesion
  52. What usually always causes otitis externa in rabbits?
    ear mites
  53. What is the ear mite called in rabbits?
    Psoroptes cuniculi
  54. What are the clinical signs of Psoroptes cuniculi in rabbits?  How do we treat it?
    • severe crusty exudate
    • painful to clean
    • treat with Ivomec
  55. What is Cheyletiella?
    walking dandruff
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