DNA Databases

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  1. CoDIS
    Combined DNA Index System

    • Program by FBI to upload/search DNA profiles at local, state, national levels.
    • Specialized software, secure network.
    • Requires standard set of STR loci- FBI core
  2. What are the indexes for CoDIS?
    Convicted Offender

    Forensic Index


    • Missing Persons
    • 1)Unidentified remains
    • 2) References samples (family members)
  3. What type of profiles are uploaded to LDIS?
    Crime scene DNA profiles only
  4. What type of profiles are uploaded to SDIS?
    • Crime scene and convicted offenders
    • from local and state labs.
  5. Who are the gate keepers for uploads to NDIS?
    State CoDIS administrators.

    Each state mandates CODIS policy through legislation.
  6. NDIS facts
    • Authorized by DNA ID Act of 2004
    • Established in 1998
    • Managed by FBI

    • Weekly searches
    • Requirements for uploads
    • 1) Accredited labs
    • 2) QAS compliant
    • 3) Follow NDIS DNA data acceptable Standards
  7. What is in NDIS DNA acceptance standards?
    • PCR protocols and chemistry
    • Genotypes and allele designations
    • Sample types
    • STR loci and kits
    • Subcontrators
    • Temporary personnel
    • Expert systems
  8. What two loci in ID+ are not FBI core loci?
    D2S1338 and D19S433
  9. NDIS profile uploads requirements
    • all 13 core loci attempted
    • Convicted and arrestee MUST have complete profiles.

    • Partials:
    • Minimum 10 Loci for Forensic samples
    • Minimum 8 Loci for Missing persons
  10. What are the additional loci that can be uploaded at all levels but only searched at Local/State levels?
    • D2
    • D19
    • Penta E
    • Penta D
    • Amelogenin
  11. What three pieces of info are uploaded to CoDIS?
    • Agency
    • Analyst
    • STR profile
  12. What two types of profiles are NOT uploaded?
    Reference and elimination profiles
  13. What are the key functions for CoDIS software?
    • DNA profile data entry and management
    • Searching profiles
    • Match management
    • Statistical calc
  14. What stringency is recommended for forensic samples?

    For familial searching?
    Medium stringency

    Low stringency
  15. What is an international database?
    • DNA Gateway, Interpol, est. 2002
    • access 24/7
    • 46 countries participating
  16. What is the military equivalent of a grand jury?
    Article 32 Hearing
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