Intro to Law

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  1. Tort 
    Injury to person/property for which compensation is rewarded. $$$
  2. 3 types of torts
    • Negligence 
    • Intentional 
    • Strict Liability
  3. Reasonable Conduct
    Taking action or not taking action in a manor that a reasonable person would do or not do.
  4. Proximate Cause
    Necessary relationship between a breech of duty and claimed damages 
  5. Elements of Negligence
    • 1. Duty
    • 2. Breach
    • 3. Proximate Cause
    • 4. Damages 
  6. Negligence per se
    Violation of a particular statute a state has put in place. 
  7. Res Ipsa Loquitur 
    "the thing speaks for it's self" 
  8. Strict Liability 

    • Inherently dangerous activities
    • Wild animals

    Don't have to prove anything, auto. wrong.
  9. Intentional Tort
    • Assault 
    • Battery
    • Defamation
    • False Imprisonment
    • Emotional Distress
  10. Assault
    • 1. Intent
    • 2. act
    • 3. Apprehension
    • 4. Causation
  11. Battery
    • 1. Intent
    • 2. No Consent
    • 3. Contact
    • 4. Injury
  12. False Imprisonment
    • 1. Act
    • 2. Intent to confine
    • 3. Causation
    • 4. harmed or conscious of the confinment
  13. Defamation
    Libel - written communication,to a third party, causing injury.

    Slander- oral communication, to t third party, causing injury.
  14. Emotional distress
    • 1. act must be severe or outrageous
    • 2. Intent
    • 3. Causation extreme emotional distress
  15. Respondent superior
    "let the master answer" 

    a superior may be held responsible for injuries caused by it's employee.
  16. Workers compensation
    effort to reach a compromise between employers and employees.
  17. Tort Negligence
    • Contributory Negligence
    • Comparative Negligence
    • Assumption of the Risk
  18. Contributory Negligence
    If plaintiff contributes to a negligent act, you get nothing.  
  19. Comparative Negligence
    Compare how much was ones fault to the other ... %-%
  20. Last Clear Chance Rule
    Plaintiff claims that the defendant had the last opportunity to avoid the Plaintiff's injury irrespective of the Plaintiff's own negligence. 
  21. Damages
    • Compensatory
    • Punitive/Exemplary
    • Nomial
  22. Compensatory 
    To compensate the plaintiff for injury
  23. Punitive/ Exemplary
    To punish the defendant 
  24. Nomial
    actual damages is an element to be proven.
  25. Family Law
    State Law
  26. Numptiual
  27. Pre/Ante-Numptual
    how parties will divide up properties.

    protects premarital property
  28. Valid Marriage
    • 1. Capacity and consent
    • 2. Consent/Voluntary
    • 3. Marriage License
    • 4. Vows
  29. Annulment
    Marriage must have been void from the start.
  30. Common Law Marriage
    Considered Married after specific time period.

    If divorced treated as parties to a marriage.
  31. Divorce/ Dissolution of Marriage 
    To file a divorce in a no fault state you must state irreconcilable differences. 
  32. Temp Restraining Order
    Court ordered telling one to stop doing something.
  33. Preliminary Injunctions
    Court order says one to act or refrain from acting , for a specific period of time.
  34. Custody 
    The rights to oversee the care, education, and rearing of a child.
  35. Tender Years Doctrine
    When child is young the mother get him/her.
  36. Joint Custody 
    Physical- Physical Contact

    Legal- Decision making of a child
  37. Child Support 
    Money the the non-custodial parent pays the other , based on income. (Chart)
  38. Maintenance 
  39. Separate Property
    Property before the marriage
  40. Marital Property
    Property gained during marriage
  41. Paternity Actions 
    proving biological father for visitation or child support.
  42. Probate
    Process of paying creditors and distributing the estate of one who is deceased. 
  43. Gaurdianship
    Action where someone is trying to get legal responsibility of another.
  44. Conservatorship
    Financial Decisions
  45. Guardian ad litem
    someone who has best interest of the court 

    always attorney.
  46. Testate 
    Dying with will 
  47. Intestate
    Dying without will
  48. Intestate succession
    List where all property goes.
  49. Valid Will 
    • 2 witnesses/ non benefit
    • In writing 
    • Capacity 
    • Signed 
    • Notary recommended 
  50. Hirogliphic will 
    Hand Written non-valid will
  51. Codicil
    Amendment to a will
  52. Will Contest 
    • Mistake 
    • duress/improper influence 
    • fraud
  53. probate case
    waiting period of 6 months
  54. z
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