Vocabulary Words

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  1. Blithe
    adj- joyous; sprightly; mirthful; merry;cheerful; buoyant; vivacious
  2. (In)temperate
    adj-exercising moderation and self-restraint; restrained                              moderate in degree, as in climate 
  3. Abate-
    v- to lessen or decrease (something negative); to wane or subside
  4. Abatement
    -n- a decrease or reduction of something undesirable
  5. Unabated
    -adj- continued, prologue, without a let up
  6. Minion-
    n- an obsequious follower or dependent; a sycophant; a yes man                        a subordinate officials
  7. Solicit-
    v- to ask or seek earnestly or pleadingly; to beg; to entreat; to implore
  8. Solicitous
    -adj- expressing anxious care or concern; thoughtful, attentive
  9. Sundry
    -adj- various, miscellaneous
  10. Sundries (pl)-
    n- articles too small or numerous to be specified
  11. Reconcile
    -v- to make friendly again or settle a quarrel; to bring into harmony; to make content or accepting towards something difficult (followed by to)
  12. Conciliatory
    -adj- tending to make peace between disagreeing persons
  13. Intermittent-
    adj- stopping and staring at intervals; sporadic
  14. Breach
    -n- an opening, tear, or rupture; a gap or rift; a violation or infraction, as of a law, a legal obligation, or a promise                                           a breaking up or disruption of friendly relations; an estrangement                  a leap of a whale from the water                                         -v- to make hole or gap in; breakthrough                                          to break or violate (the agreement)vivacious
  15. Weal-
    n- prosperity; happiness; the general good or welfare of the community           a ridge on the flesh raised by a blow; a welt
  16. Purge
    -v- to free from impurities; to purify; to cleanse; to remove or get rid of something considered undesirable; to eliminate      purgative-n-/-adj-
  17. Stultify
    -v- to cause to appear foolish, stupid, inconsistent                                to cause to be of no effect; to muse to be of no effect; to make worthless or useless                                        stultifying-adj-
  18. Empathy
    -n- the ability to feel and understand what someone is going through; sympathy; compassion                          empathetic-adj-      empathize-v-
  19. Contrive
    -v- to plan with cleverness or ingenuity; to devise; to intent or fabricate, esp. by improvisation; to plan with evil intent; to scheme
  20. Contrived
    -adj- obviously planned or calculated; not spontaneous or natural; labored (a contrived ending to a story or an excuse)
  21. Contrivance
    -n- something contrived (a mechanical device or a clever plan)
  22. Diminutive
    -adj- extremely small in size, tiny, small                                       -n- as a suffix that indicates smallness or familiarity (booklet, lambkin)
  23. Epicure
    -n-a person with refined taste, esp. in food and wine; a gourmet                   a person devoted to sensuous pleasure and luxurious living
  24. Epicurean
    -adj- devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure and luxury
  25. Arbitrate-
    v- to decide in a dispute; to submit to settlement or judgment
  26. Arbitration
    -n- the process by which the parties to a dispute submit their differences to the judgment of an impartial person or group
  27. Wrought
    -v- a past tense and a past participle of “work”’ put together; created; shaped by hammering tools; made delicately or elaborately
  28. Divulge
    -v- to make public; to make known something that is private; to reveal; to disclose; to betray                                           divulgence-n-
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