Basic Neuro Quiz 3

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  1. Between what spinal levels does the interomediolateral grey horn?
  2. Where is the dorsal median sulcus located?
    between the dorsal funiculi 
  3. At what level does the dorsal funiculi get divided into bundles called fasiculi?
  4. What fasiculi lies laterally and carries sensory information from the upper half of the body?
    Fasiculus Cuneatus
  5. What fasiculi lies medially and carries sensory information from the bottom half of the body?
    Fasciculus gracilis
  6. What tract carries Crude touch, pain, temp, and itch information from the periphery?
    • Antrolateral (GSA)
    • AKA: spinothalmic, Spinotectal, spinorecticular
  7. What part of the grey matter are lamina 1-5 located?
    Dorsal horn
  8. What lamina is also known as the dorsolateral tract of lissaur, inhibits adjacent segments to localize pain?
    Lamina I
  9. What does the lateralcorticospinal fiber do?
    • At some level it is conscious 
    • (inhibits reflex)
  10. What does a renshaw cell do?
    Receives excitatory stimuli from motor neuron, it then inhibits that motorneuron from firing again
  11. What fiber comes from the contralateral side of the cord and cause the contraction of the opposite foot when stepping on glass?
    SP fiber
  12. What fiber is responsible for inhibiting the antagonist muscle during contraction?
  13. What dorsal nucleus lies more laterally and carries sensory information from the upper half of the body?
    Fasciculus cuneatus
  14. What dorsal nucleus lies medially and carries sensory information from the lower half of the body (below t6)
    Fasciculus gracilis
  15. What lamina is know as sustantia gelatinosa, contains small compact neurons, and is used to diminish pain?
    Lamina II
  16. Which lamina contains dendrites that extend into two and three, Axons cross midline and enter contralateral spinothalmic tract contain pain fibers from the periphery
    Lamina IV and V
  17. which lamina includes nucleus dorsalis (clark's column), has nurons forming the dorsal and ventral spinocerebellar tracts, and is in charge of balance, coordination and proprioception?
    lamina VII
  18. what lamina has dendrites and lamina  8 and has many motor neurons, give rise to phrenic and accessory nerve?
    Lamina IX
  19. What nucleus is in lamina I?
  20. What nucleus is in lamina II?
    Substantia gelatonosa
  21. Where are the subdivisions of motor cell columns located?
    lamina IX
  22. What are the three sources of descending fibers in the dorsal funiculus?
    • neurons in gracile and cuneate nuclei
    • spinal grey
    • DRG
  23. What tracts are located within the dorsolateral fasiculus?
    • Lateral corticospinal tract
    • Rubrospinal tract from red nucleus
    • Dorsal spinocerebellar tract
  24. What tract is located in the dorsolateral fasciculus and is main concerned with limb movement (inhibitory)?
    lateral corticospinal tract
  25. What dorsolateral tract is small and terminates at C6?
    Rubrospinal tract from red nucleus
  26. What dorsolateral tract has unconscious proprioception, balance and coordination?
    Dorsal spinocerebellar tract
  27. What tracts are within the ventrolateral fasciculus?
    • Spinothalmic (crude touch)
    • spinotectal (reflexive response)
    • spinoreticular (Alertness, awareness)
    • spino-olivary
    • ventral spinocerebellar
  28. In what direction do all Ventral funiculi run?
  29. What are the five tracts of the ventral funiculus?
    • Ventral corticospinal
    • ventral vestibulospinal
    • recticulospinal tract
    • medial longitudianl fasciculus from medial vestibular nucleus
    • tectospinal
  30. What ventral funiculus tract does not decussate in the medulla and is mainly concerned with trunk movement?
    Ventral corticospinal
  31. What ventral tract mediates equilibrium, and terminates in lamina VIII, VII, IX?
    Ventral vestibulospinal 
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