Wealth Inequalities

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  1. Statistic to show the Equality Act 2010 was successful
    2011, women made up 46% of the UK workforce
  2. However, the Equality Act 2010 still has not completely eliminated gender inequalities
    70 years to have equal amount of women to men in Westminster

    EHRC states that 75% of women still work in the 5 C's
  3. Depite equal pay legistlation,
    gender pay gap still exists - 10% difference in full time work
  4. Act that gave the right to ask for flexible working times
    Work and Families Act 2006
  5. Statistic to show that the Work and Families Act is successful
    2011 52% of employees offer flexitime
  6. How many families receive child tax credits?
    9 out of 10 families recieve tax credits
  7. Eleigibility for tax credits has changed...
    44,000 fewer families are entitled to it.
  8. Current National Minimum Wage?
    6.19 for workers 22+
  9. What is the Scottish Living Wage

    national minimum wage falls short of this
  10. Racial - despire the Equality Act
    80% of Bangledeshi and Pakistani women are unemployed
  11. Racial - compensation
    • 2011,
    • 9 million pounds awarded in racial discrimination cases
  12. What did the EM employment task force findÉ
    That there is a 7% paygap between EM's and their qhite counterparts
  13. Racial - result of "Scotland Against Racism"
    • following the 2011 Scottish PArliament election,
    • 4 EM MP's were elected - there were none before.
  14. Racial discrimination still exists
    every day in scotland 17 people are attacked due to their ethnicity
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