Gen Chem Matter & Energy

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  1. Image Upload Is this reaction exothermic or endothermic?
  2. Image Upload
     What do arrows E & B represent?
    • E = Reactants
    • B = Activation Energy
  3. In terms of energy, why does a catalyst speed up a reaction?
    A catalyst lowers the activation energy
  4. Of what is temperature a measure?
    Kinetic Energy
  5. On a Potential Energy Diagram, when a catalyst is added do the reactants and products change?
  6. State the 2 conditions necessary for molecules to have Effective Collisions
    Molecules must collide at the proper orientation(angle) and with enough speed/energy (force)
  7. In terms of energy of the reactants and products, define endothermic
    Products have more energy than the reactants
  8. State the units for measuring a) heat b) temperature
    • a) joules
    • b) Celsius or Kelvin
  9. What is defined as the minimum amount of energy added to the reactants in order for a reaction to occur (or get past the energy barrier)
    Activation Energy
  10. Image UploadIdentify A & E
    • A= activation energy of forward rxn
    • E= activation energy of reverse rxn
  11. Image UploadWhich letter would represent the energy barrier?
  12. At what temperature does molecular motion or Kinetic energy cease?
    Absolute zero ( O K)
  13. 2 or more elements bonded in a set ratio is a ____.
  14. 2 or more substances with no set ratio uniformly distributed is a ___.
    Homogenous mixture
  15. Image UploadWhat is the composition of this mixture?
    Gas consisting of an element and a compound
  16. An effective collision is one that ___________
    forms new products OR results in a chemical reaction
  17. Breaking a bond _________ energy and making a bond _______ energy
    Breaking a bond REQUIRES energy and making a bond RELEASES energy
  18. A catalyst can help speed up a reaction by providing an ___   _____ for the reaction.
    Alternate Pathway
  19. In what layer of the Earth's atmosphere do we reside and where our weather occurs?
  20. As altitude in the atmosphere increases, the pressure ________.
    Pressure decreases because there are fewer gas molecules at higher altitude
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