Voting Systems

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  1. 2007 local council Labour results
    • received 28.1% of votes
    • received 28.5% of seats
  2. 2007 local councils, hung?
    23 - most councils are hung
  3. 2007 local council turnout
    54%, rise of 4% from 2003
  4. 2007 local council - spoilt ballots
    38,000 spoilt ballots
  5. 2005 general election results
    Labour recieved 35% of the popular vote in 2005 yet governed for 5 years
  6. FPTP produces strong governments
    and explain
    1997, Tony Blair won a landslide victory of 419 seats producing a strong gov.

    Under STV, coalitions are more likely - most councils, 23, are hung

    However, suggested that a coalition gov can be argued to be better - argued no war in Irag if Labour shared power 
  7. Under FPTP smaller parties are disadvntaged
    • 2005 General Election
    • Lib Dems needed 96 000 votes for 1 seat
    • Labour needed 26 000 votes for 1 seat

    Means that smaller parties have difficulty being represented although extremist parties can be argued to have a detrimental effect

    However, STV is fairer as due to proportionality as it gives smaller parties a chance
  8. FPTP is increases voter apathy
    382 out of 650 seats are safe

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