Politics of Development in Africa

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  1. Aid must go the right people/ Corrupt governments
    Sani Abacha stole $ 3 - 5 billion
  2. Aid must create self-suffiency
    4.5 million people in Ethiopia received food aid
  3. Terms of trade
    2005 Africa's share of world trade was only 2%
  4. Zimbabwe - poor health statistic
    Life expectancy in Zimbabwe is only 36 years
  5. Africa has received a significant amount of aid
    $400 billion worth of aid given to Africa in the last 5 years
  6. Aid projects must be appropriate
    Akosomba Dam in Ghana
  7. Effect of AIDS
    2005, 2.3 million people died from AIDS
  8. Brain drain - lack of professionals
    There are more doctors from Ghana in ENw Jersey than in the whole of Ghana
  9. Poor school attendance
    40 million children in Africa are not enrolled in primary school
  10. Domestic Policies/ Effect of Debt
    • Zambia spends 7% of its GDP on debt repayment -
    • twice as much as it spends on education
  11. education - lack of teachers
    Malawi, less than 60% of teachers have undergone teacher training
  12. Effects of War ? Domestic policies
    2007 total miltary spending in Africa reached under $10 billion
  13. DFID
    supported Nigerian Governement in spending debt relief money on education

    Trained 140,000 teachers as a result
  14. FAO / poor farmers
    70% of the starving in Africa live in rural areas
  15. WFP
    largest provider of school meals in the world
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