Glossary from Heart of Yoga

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  1. abhiniveśa
    the source of fear, attachment to life; one of the kleśas
  2. abhyantara
    holding the breath after inhaling
  3. abhyāsa
  4. ācārya
  5. ahdomukha śvānāsana
    downward-facing dog pose
  6. advaita
  7. agni
    fire, one of the bhūtas
  8. agni sāra
    a cleansing process using the "fire" of the human body to remove impurities
  9. ahamkāra
    the sense of "I"
  10. ahiṁsā
    noninjury, consideration, love; one of the yamas
  11. ākāśa
    space; one of the bhūtas
  12. ānanda
    a state of bliss
  13. ananta
    without end
  14. aṅga
    a "limb," or aspect, of yoga
  15. antara
    within, internal
  16. antaraṅga sādhana
    internal practices in reference to Patañjali's path of concentration (dhāraṇā), meditation (dhyāana), and integration (samādhi)
  17. antarāya
    obstacle to a clear and stable mind
  18. anuloma ujjāyi prāñāyāma
    prāñāyāma where one inhales with a sound in the throat (ujjāyi) and eshales in a regulated way through alternate nostrils
  19. ap
  20. apāna
    dirt; the center in which bodily waste collects
  21. apāna-vāyu
    the aspect of prāṇa responsible for excretion
  22. apānāsana
    wind-relieving pose
  23. aparigraha
    to receive exactly what is appropriate and no more; one of the yamas
  24. ardha padma paścimatānāsana
    forward bending half lotus pose
  25. ardha utkaṭsana
    half-squat pose
  26. artha
    meaning, purpose
  27. āsana
  28. āsmitā
    sense of ego; one of the kleśas
  29. asmitā samādhi
    the merging of the mind with the object of meditation
  30. astanga
    eight limbs. Astanga yoga is the eight limbs of yoga as explained by Patanjali (Yoga Sutra, chap 2)
  31. asteya
    not coveting what belongs to others; one of the yamas
  32. atman
    the self
  33. avidya
    misapprehension, incorrect knowledge, false understanding; the most important of the klesas
  34. Bahiranga
    external limb
  35. bahiranga sadhana
    external practice that includes the first four limbs of astanga yoga
  36. bahya kumbhaka
    holding the breath after exhaling
  37. bandha
    to bind or lock
  38. Bhagavad Bita
    part of the epic Mahabharata where Krsna teaches yoga to Arjuna
  39. bhakti
  40. bhakti yoga
    yoga in which devotion to God is prominent
  41. bhastrika
  42. bhastrika pranayama
    bellows breathing through alternate nostrils
  43. bhujangasana
    cobra pose
  44. bhutas
    elements of space, air, light, water, and earth
  45. brahmacarya
    one of the yamas. Moving toward the highest modification of the senses, it is the stage of life where the young student studies the sacred texts
  46. brmhana
    to expand
  47. buddhi
  48. cakras
    energy centers along the spinal column
  49. cakravakasana
    cat pose
  50. cit
  51. citta
  52. citta vrtti nirodha
    mental state devoid of agitation
  53. dana
    to give away
  54. darsana
    one of the sic classical points of view of Indian thought
  55. desa
  56. dhanurasana
    bow pose
  57. dharana
    the state of mind in which the mind is oriented toward one point
  58. dharma
    duty, ethical value
  59. dhyana
  60. dhyana mudra
    gesture indicating meditation practice
  61. dhyata
    one who is in a state of dhyana
  62. drastr
    the seer, that which sees
  63. drsya
    that which is seen
  64. duhkha
    feeling of discomfort, pain
  65. dvesa
    dislike, hatred; one of the klesas
  66. dvipada pitham
    table pose
  67. eka pada uttanasana
    a standing posture where the torso bends forward and one leg is lifted behind
  68. ekagrata
    single direction, single-mindedness
  69. gunas
    qualities of the mind; qualities of the univers
  70. halasana
    plow pose
  71. hasta mudra
    hand symbol
  72. Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    a classical text on hatha yoga
  73. hatha yoga
    yoga in which the aim is the unify the two energies of ha (left) and tha (right), and merge them into susumna in the center of the spine; the merging of prana and apana into the center of the body, at the heart
  74. ida
    a nadi that terminates at the left nostril
  75. indriyas
  76. Isvara
    God or Lord
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