Sociology 120

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  1. social normlessness, without moral guidance or standards
  2. The shared values of society 
    Collective conscience
  3. Social theories that focus on issues of contention, power, and inequality, highlighting the competition for scarce resources
    Conflict theories
  4. the collection of values, beliefs, knowledge, norms, language, behaviors, and material objects shared by a people and socially transmitted from generation to generation
  5. The way people specialize in different tasks, requiring specific skills
    Division of labor
  6. inhibiting or disrupting the working of a system as a whole
  7. The use of large-scale machinery for the mass manufacture of consumer goods
  8. the largely unrecognized and unintended consequences of social phenomena 
    Latent Function
  9. A focus on large-scale social systems and processes such as the economy, politics, and population trends
    Marco level of analysis
  10. the recognized and intended consequences of social phenomena
    Manifest functions
  11. a focus somewhere between very large and very small social phenomena-- on organizations or institutions for example
    Meso level of analysis
  12. A focus on small-scale usually face-to-face social interaction
    Micro level of analysis
  13. A historical era beginning in the 1700s characterized by the growth of democracy and personal freedom, increased reliance on reason and science to explain the natural and social worlds, and a shift toward an urban industrial economy
  14. a belief that accurate knowledge must be based on scientific method
  15. A historical period beginning in the mid 20th century characterized by the rise of information based economies and the fragmentation of political beliefs and ways of knowing
  16. The ability to bring about an intended outcome, even when opposed to others
  17. The long-term historical process by which rationality replaced tradition as the basis for organizing social and economic life
    Rationalization of society
  18. A method of inquiry that uses logic and the systematic collection of evidence to support knowledge claims
  19. The collective bonds that connect individuals 
    Social Solidarity
  20. a set of principles and propositions that explains the relationships among social phenomena
    Social theory
  21. a view of the social world that focuses on discovering and understanding the connections between individuals and the broader social contexts in which they live
    Sociological perspective
  22. The systematic study of the relationship between individuals and society
  23. Theories that focus on consensus and cooperative interaction in social life, emphasizing how different elements that make up a society's structure contribute to its overall operation. AKA "functionalism"
    Structural-functionalist theories
  24. the recurring patterns of behavior in social life
  25. Social theories that focus on how people use shared symbols and construct society as a result of their everyday interactions
    Symbolic Interactionist theories
  26. the growth of cities 
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