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  1. TANF
    • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
    • States determine the eligibility of needy families and the benefits and services of those families will receive
  2. USDA Commodity Food Donation/ Distribution Program
    • Provides foods to help meet nutritional needs of children and adults and strengthens agricultural market for products produced by American Farmers
    • a.  Food given to school lunch, elderly feeding, supplemental food programs
    • c.  CSFP Commodity Supplemental Food Program
    • d.  TEFAP The Emergency Food Assistance Program
  3. National School Lunch Program
    • USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) 1946
    • Team Nutrition implements School meals initiatives for healthy children
  4. School Breakfast Program
    • USDA
    • Breakfast must provide 1/4 daily recommended levels for protein, Ca, Fe, Vit A, C kcals
  5. After School Snack Programs
  6. Special Milk Program
    • USDA
    • Encourage milk consumption by children.
    • Objective is to provide subsidy for milk served to children in participating schools, child care centers, summer camps, and free milk to the needy
  7. Summer Food Program
    • USDA School lunch
    • purpose is to initiate, maintain, etc foodservice programs to children when school is not in session
  8. Child and Adult care food Program (CACFP
    • USDA
    • a.  Supports public and non-profit food service programs for day care centers and neighborhood houses
    • b.  reimburses operators for meal costs, provides commodity foods and nutrition education materials 
    • c.  Must meet nutrition guidelines
  9. Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Childrens (WIC)
    • USDA
    • a.  For pregnant, postpartum, breast-feeding women; infants and children up to 5 yo
    • b.  at nutritional risk (abnormal weight gain, history of high risk, LlBW, underweight, overweight, anemia)
    • c.  Risk: weight, height, head circumference in infancts, Hgb, Hct
    • h.  No an entitilement program: cap on amt of fed dollars allocated
  10. Extension Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP
    • USDA
    • a.  Provides grants to universities that assist in community development
    • b.  Trains nutrition aides to educate the public
  11. Maternal and Child Health Block Grant
    • DHHS
    • a.  Under Title V of SSA
    • b.  Fosters public health nutrition programs at the state and local levels
    • c.  provides training, consultation, funding
    • d.  Women, infants, children; state eligibility requirements
  12. Healthy Start
    • DDHS
    • Reduce infant mortality and improve health of low income women, infants, children, families
  13. NSIP
    • Nutrition Services Incentive Program (older Americans Act Title III) USDA
    • a.  Developed services to foster independent living; cash and commodities to state agencies
    • b.  ENP Elderly Nutrition Program DHHS
    • One hot meal/ day 5 days per week
    • 60 yo +
  14. SNAP
    • USDA
    • Designed to increase their purchasing power; not for non-food items
    • Figures are adjusted to reflect cost of food in thrifty food plan for June of precedigng year
  15. CMS
    • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services DHHS
    • a.  Medicare- health insurance for 65+ or with end-stage renal disease; employers and employees pay
  16. Headstart
    • DHHS
    • a.  helps low income 3 yo- 5 yo
    • b.  intros new foods, teaches good food habits
    • c.  Child's participation in food activities
  17. NET
    • Nutrition Education Training Program USDA 1977
    • a,  Amendment to School Lunch Act
    • b.  Provide nutrition education training to teachers and school foodservice personnel
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