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  1. I was an explorer for England. I was looking for a quicker route to the Far East. I sailed near the Arctic Circle and claimed all the lands I encountered for England.
    • John Cabot

  2. I was an explorer that sailed for Spain. I was looking for a new and faster route to the Far East. I did not reach my goal be discovered the lands and wealth of North and South America.
    • Christopher Columbus

  3. I was a Spanish conquistador. I explored the southeastern United States and claimed this land for Spain.
    • Hernando de Soto

  4. I was a Viking from Greenland. I sailed the northern Atlantic Ocean and settled in North America for a short while. I called the land I settled Vinland.
    • Leif Eriksson

  5. I was an explorer that sailed for the Netherlands and England. I was searching for the Northwest Passage. I claimed and mapped what is now New York for the Netherlands and lands in Canada for England. They named the Hudson River and Hudson Bay for me.
    • Henry Hudson

  6. I explored for France. I explored the Mississippi River to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico. I named this area Louisiana, claiming it for France.
    • Robert LaSalle

  7. I led the first expedition around the world. I died before the journey was complete and claimed the lands for Spain. My crew proved that sailing around the world could be done.
    • Ferdinand Magellan

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