Physio 10.6 and 10.7

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  1. Frontal belly
    With aponeurosis fixed, raises the eyebrows(as in surprise)
  2. Occipital belly
    Fixes aponeurosis and pulls and scalp posteriorly
  3. Corrugator supercilii
    Draws eyebrows together and inferiorly; wrinkles skin of forehead vertically
  4. Orbicularis oculi
    Protects eyes from intense light and injury;various parts can be activated individually; produces blinking, squinting, and draws eyebrows inferiorly
  5. Zygomaticus
    Raises lateral corners of mouth upward(smiling muscle)
  6. Risorius
    Draws corners of lip laterally; tenses lips; synergist of zygomaticus
  7. Levator labii superioris
    Opens  lips; raises and furrows the upper lip
  8. depressor labii inferioris
    Draws lower lip inferiorly(as in pout)
  9. Depressor anguli oris
    Zygomaticus antagonist; draws corners of mouth downward and laterally; as in "tragedy mask grimace'
  10. orbicularis oris
    Closes lips; purses and protrudes lips; kissing and whistling muscle
  11. Mentalis
    Protrudes lower lip; wrinkles chin
  12. Buccinator
    Draws corner of mouth laterally; compresses cheek(as in whistling and sucking); holds food between teeth when chewing; well developed in nursing infants
  13. Platysma
    Helps depress mandible; Pulls lower lip back and down, produces downward sag of mouth; tenses skin of neck
  14. Masseter
    Prime mover of jaw closure; elevates mandible
  15. Temporalis
    closes jaw; elevates and retracts mandible; synergist of pterygoids in side-to-side movements ; maintains position of mandible at rest
  16. Medial pterygoid
    Synergist of temporalis and masseter muscles in elevation of the mandible; acts with lateral pterygoid muscle to protrude mandible and to promote side-to-side movements
  17. Lateral pterygoid
    Protrudes mandible(pulls it anteriorly); provides forward sliding and side-to-side grinding movements of lower teeth
  18. Buccinator
    Trampoline-like action of buccinator muscles help keep food between grinding surfaces of teeth during chewing
  19. Genioglossus
    Primarily protrudes tongue, but can depress or act in concert with other extrinsic muscles to retract tongue
  20. Hyoglossus
    Depresses tongue and draws its sides downward
  21. Styloglossus
    Retracts and elevates tongue
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