Evolution Anthropology

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  1. Francis Bacon
    • lawer statesman scientist
    • Father of Scientific Method
    • formalized experimental process
    • Hypothesis...collect data....analize data...back
  2. what is the scintific method
    • hypothesis
    • collect data
    • analize
  3. who is Lyell?
    • co founder of Uniformitarianism
    • process of stratigraphy
    • examined fossil shellfish to chronicologically seriate geological deposits
  4.  The Baron Georges Cuvier
    • castastrophism
    • explain the exsistance of the remains of extint animals
  5. Thomas Henry Huxley
    • prof of anatomy
    • evidence as to mans place in nature
    • compared chimps, gorillas, humans similaritieis
    • Evolution, the modern synthesis published czusing neo-darwinism¬†
    • synthetic theory of evolution
  6. who is James Hutton?
    see lyell
  7. charles darwin
    codeveloper with wallace the theory of evolution based on natural selection

    • 5year voage /hms beagle
    • finch beaks
  8. what is the basics of Natural Selection?
    • adaption
    • reproduction & mortality
    • variation

    survival of the fitest
  9. adaption?
    • animals pocess biological attributes that pdrmit them to live a certain say of life
    • animal species differ in biological features TEETH
    • permit animals to adapt to way of life
  10. genotype
    • underlying framewok
    • exposed to enviroment is phenotype
  11. reproduction and mortility
    • huge number of sex cell produced yet population becomes stable
    • birth and death oart of natural selection
  12. variation
    • not all of population identical
    • normal natural part of genetic mechanisms
  13. Malthus
    • demographer
    • contriversial mortality
    • enviroment has capacity fo maintain population
    • survival associated with rezorces
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