Crimes against property

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  1. If test compromise occurs what steps must OSI take?
    • 1) coord with 3 FIS specialty flight analysis element before opening case
    • 2) Send lead to 3 FIS to analyze suspected test material - Send working copies only
  2. how are you to handle potential test compromise material? (4)
    • 1) IAW AFI 36-2606
    • 2) Handle as test material until proven otherwise
    • 3) Do not include test material in reports
    • 4) Do not allow OSI personnel access to material in which they may be tested
  3. What are five considerations regarding OSI investigation of Larceny of private property?
    • Value ($10,000+)
    • Ring-type
    • Mission impact
    • National Security
    • Workload of agent
  4. Investigative tools for larceny of private property? (4)
    • Interviews
    • pawnshops
    • inventory of missing items
    • Enter stolen items into NCIC
  5. What is the difference btw larceny of gov't property vs. private property?
    Maximum punishment is greater with gov't property
  6. What are the five considerations for larceny of gov't property? (types of items)
    • Significant losses
    • Ring-type
    • controlled pharmaceuticals
    • Theft of weapons, ammo,¬†etc
    • classified material
  7. investigative tools for larceny of gov't property? (6)
    • 1) pawnshops
    • 2) seven surfers
    • 3) Sources
    • 4) review report of surveys (ROS)
    • 5) AAFES
    • 6) DRMO
  8. What is the difference btw burglary and housebreaking?
    • Burglary = dwelling at night
    • housebreaking = non-dwelling - time of day not a factor
  9. When will OSI investigate burglary or housebreaking? (3)
    • 1) another crime committed
    • 2) ring-type activity
    • 3) $10,000 +
  10. Investigative considerations for burglary and housebreaking?
    • - items missing or touched
    • - points of entry or exit
    • - areas accessed
    • - what was taken? why? what can someone do with it?
  11. What is unlawful entry?
    unauthorized entry into structure w/o intent to commit felony.
  12. What do you need to think about regarding simulated burglaries?
    • Glass broken inside or outside
    • shoe prints outside windows
    • evid. that item was really taken
    • what wasn't taken
  13. What is intentional damage?
    Destroy property without proper authority
  14. Will OSI investigate aircraft damage and bombings?
  15. When it comes to aircraft damage, what are things to consider?
    • finder
    • disgruntled employee
    • look for evidence to establish ID
    • multiple suspect elimination questionaire
  16. All fires are presumed to be _____________ or ____________
    natural or accidental
  17. What will OSI investigate regarding Arson?
    OSI investigates arson or attempted arson
  18. what must investigators overcome when it comes to arson?
    presumption with prove of intention to show fire was purposefully set
  19. Who can agents get help from when it comes to arson?
    • FSC and Arson investigator
    • also... take photos of crowd
  20. what does more than one "V" mean in relation to a fire?
    arson highly probable
  21. What does the point of origin look like in a fire?
    A "V" shape
  22. What are motives for arson? (5)
    • 1) Defraud insurance
    • 2) recognition (hero)
    • 3) concealment of other crimes
    • 4) revenge (disgruntled employee)
    • 5) eliminations of duties
  23. Does OSI investigate forgery?
  24. considerations for forgery investigations?
    • obtain orginal docs
    • interview victim
    • search subject home
  25. with bad check cases what must OSI prove?
    SUBJECT knew acount was closed or overdrawn
  26. OSI does not investigate bad check cases unless... (3)
    • High dollar amount
    • major ring activity
    • CI concern
  27. what considerations exist regarding pay and allowances?
    • OSI investigates if ring type or high dollar amount
    • to get new agent feet wet
    • high rank
  28. who is the executive agency regarding AAFES?
  29. what does OSI do to help out AAFES?
    • provide investigative support
    • Assist loss prevention with investigative activity
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