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  1. Fastidious
    not easy to please; very critical or discriminating
  2. Feign
    to pretend; imitate; simulate
  3. Foible
    small weakness; slight frailty in character
  4. Forte
    a thing that a person does particularly well; special accomplishment or strong point
  5. Genre
    a kind or type (works of art, literature)
  6. Genus
    class; kind; sort
  7. Glean
    to collect (gradually); to examine; to find certain information
  8. Heinous
    outrageously evil or wicked
  9. Highfalutin
    ridiculously pretentious or pompous
  10. Hyperbole
    exaggeration for effect and not meant to be taken literally
  11. Immutable
    never changing or varying
  12. Inert
    without power to move, act or resist
  13. Impugn
    to attack by argument or criticism
  14. Knave
    a dishonest, deceitful person; tricky rascal; rogue
  15. Laconic
    using few words
  16. Malign
    to speak evil of; defame; slander
  17. Myriad
    an indefinite large number
  18. Narcissism
    interest, often excessive, in one's appearance, comfort, importance, etc.
  19. Nascent
    beginning to grow; form
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