First Aid

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  1. sterile pad or compress used to control bleeding and prevent further contamination?
  2. Dressing must fit the wound how?
    covor entirely and extend 1 inch in every direction beyond the edges
  3. muslin gauze used over sterile dressing to secure in place?
  4. Most common types of bandages?
    Rollar and Triangular
  5. When bandaging extremity, leave what exposed?
    Fingers or toes to check for circulation
  6. bandage types used for fingers, toes wrists?
    Figure of eight
  7. Bandage used for the elbow?
    Spica or bandage of eight
  8. bandage used to covor wounds of forearm or lower extremity?
    Spiral reverse
  9. Bandage used for protruding parts?
    4 tailed bandage
  10. Bandage for fractures of lower jaw?
    Barton bandage
  11. Triangular bandage is what size?
    36-40 inch square
  12. Bandage must be tied in what fashion?
    Square knot
  13. Bandage to control wounds of scalp/forehead?
    Cravat bandage
  14. Cravat bandage foe temple, cheek or ear is called?
    Modified Barton
  15. Combination compress in which sterile gauze is fastened to muslin, adhesive bandage?
    Battle dress
  16. Unit with canister used for emergency use in compartments containing toxic gas?
  17. Effective life of OBA canister?
    20-45 Min
  18. Never allow what to come in contact with OBA canister?
    oil or grease
  19. What are part of the allowance of all ships having repair party lockers?
    Hose masks
  20. What are furnished with and must be worn with each airline mask?
    Safety belts
  21. Provides respiratory protection against CBR warefare agent?
    Protective (GAS) Masks
  22. What is important to remember about the gas masks?
    Do not provide O2, they just filter the air
  23. steel wire cable that is 50 ft long with strong hook that closes with a snap catch?
    Life line
  24. Gives no protection against poisonous gas or lack of O2?
    wet cloth
  25. Who clears unventilated compartment safe?
  26. When carrying a patient via liter always do what?
    carry feet first so rear bearer can check for airway complications
  27. Wire basket supported by iron rods to transport patients?
    Strokes strecher
  28. Strokes strecher is valuable for what patient?
    persons to and from boats
  29. how should strokes strecher be padded
    2 along sides of legs and 1 folded ion half to protect head an shoulder
  30. Strapes are placed where on strokes strecher?
    Chest, Hips, Knees
  31. Collapsible strecher made of canvas supported by aluminum poles
    Army liter
  32. Made of outer plastic shell with an injected foam core of polyurethane foam
    Miller (full Body) board
  33. Miller board will float a person weighing?
    250 lbs.
  34. essential equipment in the immobileization of fractures of spinal column
    Spine Boards
  35. Primarily used in the extrication of sitting victims?
    Short spine Boards
  36. one of the easiest ways to carry unconscious person?
    Firemans carry
  37. carry possible to carry heavy victim long distance?
    Pack strap carry
  38. carry used to drag uncounscious victim short distance?
    Tied hands crawl
  39. carry used to go up and down stairs, narrow/winding passage ways?
    chair carry
  40. A MEDAVAC final decision will be made by?
    Unit commander
  41. term used to describe means of properly secured patient?
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