OBGYN Exam 1 Ch 15 Nutrition

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  1. Does a pregnant woman "eat for two"?
    No. follow the pre-pregs weight chart. Don't eat for two. 
  2. What are some SE of iron?
  3. What will a person's stools look like when taking iron?
  4. What can you eat to help absorb iron?
  5. What are woman as risk for when lacking folic acid during the first trimester?
    Neural tube defects.
  6. What is a neural tube defect?
    When the neural tube doesn't close. It's needed for proper development of spinal cord.
  7. At what point of the pregnancy should the woman be at the ideal weight
    Before conception.
  8. What BMI is underweight?
  9. What BMI is normal?
  10. What BMI is overweight?
  11. What BMI is obese?
  12. What is the normal amount of weight a normal BMI woman should gain over her pregs?
  13. What is the avg weight gain during the first trimester?
  14. What is the normal weight gain for a normal woman after the first trimester?
    0.4kg per week 
  15. What is the normal weight gain for an underweight woman after her first trimester?
    0.5kg a week.
  16. What is the normal weight gain for an overweight woman after her first trimester?
    0.3 kg a week.
  17. What is the normal weight gain for an obese woman after her first trimester?
    0.2 kg a week
  18. What is the recommended amount of fluid pregs should take?
    8-01 glasses.
  19. How much caffeine can a pregs take?
    No more than 200 mg
  20. Can a pregs eat artificial sweetners?
  21. Pregs women need iron supplements. How much and when should they start?
    30 mgs; 12 weeks.
  22. Does a pregs need more calcium?
    Don't need more than normal 1100-1300mg.
  23. What foods can you eat for Mg?
    dairy, nuts, whole grains, green leafy. 
  24. Pregs has moderate peripheral edema. Is that normal?
  25. What does K+ do for the pregs?
    Fights HTN.
  26. What is the mother isn't getting enough zinc? She at risk for?
    Malformations of the central nervous system.
  27. Vit E is needed for what?
    Oxidative stress.
  28. Pregs is related to increased oxidative stress. what is that?
    The collective stress of the free radicals formed by metabolism and other bad stuff (toxins, etc). 
  29. What are free radicals?
    Unstable molecules that strip away electrons from other stuff so that they can become stable. What's so bad is that the molecule that they just stripped is now unstable and needs to strip an electron from another one. Domino effect. Vit C n shit gives them that electron so it stops the cascade of destruction. 
  30. What can the mother do aout nausea and vomiting?
    Anitiemtics and the like can help, but evidence is not strong. Home remedys. 
  31. What can the mother do against constipation?
    Same things. increase fiber, fluids and exercise.
  32. What can the mother do about heartburn?
    Small, frequent meals. 
  33. What is rec. for protein normal/pregs/lact?
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