Chapter 27 APUSH

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  1. A foreign policy of Secretary of State James G. Blaine aimed at rallying Latin American nations behind American leadership and opening Latin American markets to Yankee traders. The policy bore fruit in 1889, when Blaine presided over the First International Conference of American.
    Big Sister Policy
  2. After decades of occasionally “twisting the lion’s tail,”American diplomats began to cultivate close, cordial relations with Great Britain at the end of the nineteenth century—a relationship that would intensify further during World War I
    Great Rapprochement
  3. Shepherded through Congress by President William McKinley,this tariff raised duties on Hawaiian sugar and set off renewed efforts to secure the annexation of Hawaii to the United States.
    McKinely Tariff
  4. Cuban insurgents who sought freedom from colonial Spanish rule. Their destructive tactics threatened American economic interests in Cuban plantations and railroads.
  5. American battleship dispatched to keep a “friendly” watchover Cuba in early 1898. It mysteriously blew up in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898, with a loss of 260 sailors. Later evidence confirmed that theexplosion was accidental, resulting from combustion in one of the ship’s internal coal bunkers. But many Americans, eager for war, insisted that it was the fault of a Spanish submarine mine.
  6. A proviso to President William McKinley’s war plans that proclaimed to the world that when the United States had overthrown Spanish  misrule, it would give Cuba its freedom. The amendment testified to theostensibly “anti imperialist” designs of the initial war plans.
    Teller Amendment
  7. Organized by Theodore Roosevelt, this was a colorful, motley regimen of Cuban war volunteers consisting of western cowboys, ex-convicts, and effete Ivy Leaguers. Roosevelt emphasized his experience with the regiment insubsequent campaigns for Governor of New York and Vice-President under William McKinley.
    Rough Riders
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