Contemporary Funeral Services

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  1. Demographic observations
    • Young. 18yrs
    • Non-funeral background
    • Shift in gender and minority: Female
    • Inexperienced
  2. Personality traits
    • Conservative
    •    Appearance
    •    Demeanor
    • Grooming
    •     clothing
    •     hair
    •     Accessories
  3. Texas License Requirements
    • Age: 18++
    • General education: GED, Diploma from HS
    • Legal Resident
    • felony provision
  4. 3 Types of People in Mortuary
    • Licensed Person
    • Provisional person
    • Student enrolled i Mortuary Science
  5. TFSC
    Texas Funeral Service Commission
  6. T.O.C. 651.303
    Texas Occupations Code 651.303

    Mortuary law

    Everything must be done under someone who is licensed personal supervision
  7. T.A.C
    Texas Administrative Code

    • for Rules and Regulations (Specifics)
    • Minimum of emablamers.
    • how to get it done.
    • can do only what the TOC Allows
    International conference of Funeral service examining boards

    • Licensing boards
    • Administers National board exam

    • State boards
    • Acreditatior
  9. ABFSE
    American board Funeral Service Education

    • Accrediation of mortuary science programs
    • Curriculum and educational objectives

    • Standards (11)
    • One standards is acceptable pass rate.
    • Recognize by US gov.
  10. TFSC
    • Licensing
    • Enforcement
    • Consumer issues

    • (7) Commissioners (TX)
    • (3) Licenced
    • (4) civilians

    • Meeting is held every 3,6,9,12 months
    • (Mar,Jun,Sept,Dec) in the year. 2nd Tues of the month.
  11. FTC
    Federal Trade Commission

    • Business aspect of funeral service
    • Enforces The Funeral Rule
  12. The FTC Funeral Rule
    • The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), makes
    • it possible for you to choose only those goods and services you want or
    • need and to pay only for those you select, whether you are making
    • arrangements when a death occurs or in advance. The Rule allows you to
    • compare prices among funeral homes, and makes it possible for you to
    • select the funeral arrangements you want at the home you use. (The Rule
    • does not apply to third-party sellers, such as casket and monument
    • dealers, or to cemeteries that lack an on-site funeral home.)

    • MUST ask for permission for embalming
    • (embalming is not required by law)
    • Need to be able to tell Customer about an Itemization price : ( GPL  General Price list)
  13. Texas Occupation Code Chapter 651
    "Funeral Director" means a person licensed under this chapter who engages in for compensation, or represents to the public as being engaged in for compensation, the preparation, other than by embalming, of dead human body for burial or other disposition
  14. Modes of Deaths
    • Natural
    • Homicide or Judaical Homicide
    • Accidental
    • Suicide
    • Other (unknown or undetermined)
  15. Modes of Disposition
    • Burial (Sepulcher: Tomb)
    • Cremation
    • Anatomical donation
    • Burial @ sea
    • Ship out
  16. Synonyms for Burial
    • Burying
    • Deep Six
    • Deposition
    • emtombment
    • exequies
    • funeral
    • unjumation
    • interment
    • last rites
    • obsequies
    • sepulture
  17. Texas Occupation Code Chapter 651
    • "Funeral Directing" means acts associated with or arranging for the disposition of a dead human body. performed by person for compensation, from the time of first call until
    • Inurnment, interment, or entombment services are complete: or
    • The body is permanently transported out of the state.
  18. American Religious Funerals
    • 1. attention to detail of all Religious
    • 2. reverence for scared objects: respect objects for all religions
    • 3. Deference to clergy: If you are on their turf (clergy) if not your in charge
    • 4.  Dignity and decorum
    • 5.  Smoothness of procedures
  19. Synonyms for Cremation
    • cineration
    • incineration
    • incermeation
    • pyre
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