a&p study material exam 1.

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  1. what does superficial mean?
    towards or at the body surface
  2. what does deep mean
    away from the body surface, more internal
  3. what does visceral mean
    pertaining to an internal organ of the body or the inner part of a structure 
  4. what does parietal mean
    pertains to the walls of a cavity 
  5. what does ipsilateral mean
    situated on the same side
  6. what does contralateral mean 
    relating to the opposite side 
  7. what are the 4 major cavities 
    • posterior (dorsal)
    • anterior (ventral)
    • thoracic 
    • abdominopelvic  
  8. what are the 2 smaller cavities in the posterior (dorsal) cavity 
    • cranial cavity 
    • Vertebral cavity 
  9. what makes up the anterior cavity
    • thoracic cavity 
    • serous membranes 
    • abdominopelvic cavity 
  10. what makes up the thoracic cavity 
    • mediastinum 
    • pleural cavity (surrounding lungs)
    • pericardial cavity (surrounding heart)
    • serous membranes 
  11. what makes up the abdominalpelvic cavity 
    • abdominal cavity (contains abdominal viscera) 
    • pelvic cavity (contains internal reproductive organs)
  12. what does parietal pleura mean
    attached to the body wall
  13. what does visceral pleura mean
    attached to the surface of the lungs
  14. what is the mediastinum 
    the area between the pleural cavities 
  15. what is the parietal pericardium 
    attached to surrounding structures 
  16. what is the visceral pericardium 
    attached to the heart 
  17. describe the location and tissue composition of the diaphragm 
    it is inferior to the lungs but superior to the lungs & stomach 
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