Lesson 18 vocabulary

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  1. Dull
    dull- When something is not shiny, it is dull.
  2. Towers
    towers- Something that is very tall towers over shorter things.
  3. Masterpiece
    masterpiece- A great piece of art can be called a masterpiece.
  4. Heritage
    heritage- Memories and traditions of your family’s past are part of our heritage.
  5. Glorious
    glorious- If something is so wonderful that you can hardly believe, it is glorious.
  6. Memory
    memory- A memory is something you remember.
  7. Ruined
    ruined- If something is ruined, it is destroyed.
  8. Streak
    streak- To streak is to move very fast from one place to another.
  9. Crept
    crept- If you crept, you moved slowly and carefully so that you wouldn’t be seen or heard.
  10. Yanked
    yanked- When something is yanked, it is given a quick, hard pull.
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