Sales_Test 1_part 5

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  1. Selling solution
    shared answer to a recognized consumer problem
  2. Product configuration
    • ability to change product to fit consumers needs
    • conduct consumer research
  3. 10 things every product expert should know/do
    • read literature
    • competitive reviews
    • factory tours
    • talk to users/experts
    • use the product
    • talk to delivery & installation people
    • talk to service and repair people
    • competition's product
    • questions about the product you would ask
    • compare to other products
  4. F.A.B.
    • Features
    • Advantages
    • Benefits
  5. Bridge Sentence
    • connecting features to benefits
    • "the car has anti-lock breaks WHICH MEANS you are safer when driving in the snow"
  6. Elmar Wheeler's 5 Principles
    • don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle
    • don't write, telegraph (get them in the first 10 words)
    • say it with flowers (not just what you but what you do)
    • don't ask if, ask which
    • watch your bark (how you say things is important)
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