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  1. Psychology
    The scientific study of the cases of behavior
  2. Casual Events
    An event that causes another event to occur
  3. Physiological psychology
    Studying the role of the brain in behavior
  4. Comparative psychologist
    • Evolution of behavior by comparing the behavioral capacities of various species of animals.
    • eg. inherited behavioral patterns such as mating, predation
  5. Behavior analysis/analysts
    • Effect of environmental events on behavior
    • eg. events with pleasurable events will be repeated, those with bad effects will be avoided
  6. Behavior Genetics/Geneticist
    • Role of genetics in behavior
    • Often examines with blood relatives to see the effects of genetics on behavior as well as breeding species to see how if affects behavior
  7. Cognitive Psychology/Psychologist
    Studies complex behaviors such as cognition, memory and attention
  8. Cognitive Neuroscience/Neuroscientists
    • Closely allied with cognitive psychology and physiological psychology
    • Studies the behavior of people whose brains have been damaged
  9. Developmental Psychology/Psychologists
    • Development of behavior through life span
    • The effects of aging, basically
    • Casual events include: physiological processes, cognitive processes and social influences
  10. Social Psychology/Psychologists
    Effects of people on the behaviors of other people
  11. Personality Psychology/Psychologists
    • Individual differences in temperament and patterns of behavior
    • Attempts to categorize and understand the causes of individual differences in patterns of behavior
  12. Evolutionary Psychology/Psychologists
    Influence of natural selection on behavior
  13. Cross-cultural psychology/psychologists
    Impact of culture on behavior
  14. Clinical Psychology/Psychologists
    • The causes and treatment of psychological disorders and problems of adjustment
    • They can prescribe medication
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