Seventh Grade Latin Stage Five Derivatives

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  1. Agriculture
    The science, art, or occupation of cultivating the soil and domesticating animals; Agricola - Farmer
  2. Auditory
    Pertaining to hear; Audit - She hears
  3. Dictator
    A governing or ruling power practicing absolute and unrestricted power; dicit - she says
  4. Juvenile
    A young person or youth; Iuvenis - young boy
  5. Pastoral
    Having to do with rural areas; Pastoris - Shephard
  6. Portal
    A gate, door, or entrance usually with a regal or imposing appearance; Porta - gate
  7. Puerile
    Of or pertaining to a child or childhood; Puer - boy
  8. Uxorial
    Having to do with a wife or befitting a wife; uxor - wife
  9. Vendor
     A person or agency that sells; vendit - she sells
  10. Vexatious
    Annoying or troublesome; vexat - annoying
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