ARE- Ballast Chapter 50

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  1. The contract documents consist of
    • 1. owner contractor agreement
    • 2. the general conditions of the contract
    • 3. the supplementary conditions of the contract (if any)
    • 4.the drawings
    • 5. the specifications
    • 6. the addenda issued prior to execuation of the contract
  2. what is a modification
    • a change order
    • a constructionchage directive
    • a written order by the arch for minor change
    • a written amendment to the contract signed by both parties
  3. describe "project delivery"
    it is the entire sequence of events necessary to provide and owner with a complete d building
  4. 4 primary types of project delivery
    • design - award - build
    • fast tract
    • design build 
    • integrated project delivery
  5. T/F
    the owner has separate contracts with the architect and contractor

    • the contract with the arch is B101
    • the contract with the contractor is A101
  6. the agent acts on behalf of 
    the principal (the owner)
  7. is the contractor is considered an agent or a vendor?
    • Vendor
    • a vendor supplies a specifci product for a fixed price and usually acts in his or her own interest
  8. different contract types
    • 1. prime contract (owner/contractor) agreement. the contractor typ subcontracts the subconrtactors
    • 2.multiple prime contract (owner/ subcontractors). major portions of the work are contracted separately wit the owner.
    • 3.many prime contract -  usually applied in fast tract construction where portions of the work need to be started before other elements are designed or ready to be priced.
  9. types of compensation methods
    • 1. stipulated sum (fixed fee) - a fixed amount the owner will pay out. usually paid out with each phase.
    • 2. cost plus fee - the professional is usually  compensated for the actual expenses of doing the job plus a reasonable fee for profit (variations of cost plus fee include: multiple of direct personal expense, multiple of direct salary expense, hourly billing rates)
    • 3. percentage of construction costs
    • 4. unit cost method
  10. que es the date of commencement and why is it important?
    when the owner gives notice-to-proceed to the contractor. its is the date that the construction completion time or the contract time is measured.
  11. what is substantial completion
    the stage in the progress of work when the owner can occupy  or utilize the project for its intended use.
  12. the stage in the progress of work when the owner can occupy  or utilize the project for its intended use.
    substantial completion
  13. what are liquidated damages
    money paid to the owner for every day the project is late
  14. compensation methods between owner/comtractor
    • 1. stipulated sum
    • 2.GMP guaranteed maximum price
    • 3. cost-plus-fee
    • 4. unit prices (used when a portion of a project is unknown)
  15. the client receives cost savings with what type of compensation
    GMP (guaranteed maxium price) bc there is a fixed max price and if the contractor builds under the owner receives the savings
  16. competitive bidding always uses what type of compensation method
    stipulated sum (cost is known when the bids are made)
  17. T/F
    the contract documents create a contractual relationship between the owner and architect
    • FALSE
    • they only create a contractual relationship between the owner and the contractor
  18. do the contract documents include the bidding documents?
    hells no!
  19. is the contractor liable to the owner or architect for damage resulting from errors or omissions in the contract documents?
    no, unless the contractor recognized such error and knowingly failed to report it to the architect. (sandbagging)
  20. who is responsible for means, methods and techniques of construction
    the contractor only
  21. what is a change order?
    a written agreement between the owner/contractor/architect for a change in work
  22. what is a construction change directive
    • requires agreement between the owner/architect and may or maynot be agreed upon by the contractor
    •  it instructs the contractor to proceed with the required changes usually turns into a change order.
  23. when is the contract time
    starting date established in the contract to the time of substantial completion
  24. what is a mechanics lien and when is it used
    its a claim  by one party against the property of another party  for the satisfaction of a debt to gain payment. if a contractor does not pay a sub then the sub can file a mechanics lien against the property and the owner becomes responsible for payment.
  25. the contractor usually submits ____with a monthly application of payment
    waiver of liens. it protects the owner from any liens.
  26. what is a surety
    a bonding company that agrees to be responsible to another party like to the owner if the contractor defaults
  27. supplementary conditions vs. special conditions of a contract
    supplementary conditions can be used again on other projects but special conditions are project specific.
  28. payment bond, describe it bitch
    it favors subcontractors id the GC owes money to the subs and the GC hasnt paid the bonding company will pay.
  29. what is a bid bond
    if a bid is accepted the bonding agent will pay if the contractor back out. (basically for the contractor to put his money where is mouth is. bid bonds are sometimes required to bid a project.
  30. difference between a bond vs insurance
    a bond can go back and sue the principal
  31. IDM
    initial decision maker. usually the arch for disputes between the owner/contractor

    the owner can hire its own IDM.

    mediation, arbitration, then litigation
  32. read and understand B101, A101 and A201
  33. B101 is a contract between 
    architect and owner
  34. A101 is a contract between
    owner and contractor
  35. A201 is 
    general conditions  of the contract

    incorporated by reference the OA agreement and the OC agreement
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