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  1. At the end of the night shift at Khanbar Co., employees are reminded to return each coffee mugs remain on their desks to the cafeteria.
  2. Govix Aspirin proved twice as effective in relieving the symptoms of migraine headaches as the leading rival product.
    Govix Aspirinには、偏頭痛の症状を緩和する効果が主要な競合製品の2倍あることがわかりました。
  3. Mortgage applicants with Southern Provincial Bank had to comply with certain financial conditions before their loans could be approved.
    Southern Provincial Bankの住宅ローンを申請する人は、ローンの承認を受けるのに先立ち、財政面で一定の条件を満たさなければなりませんでした。
  4. The management office at S'Bari Towers will immediately address nuisances tenants may encounter, including building items in need of repair.
    S'Bari Tower の管理室は、修理を要する建物内の設備など、居住者が不快に思うかもしれないものについて、直ちに対処する予定です。
  5. I ordered two copies by mistake.
  6. I recently bought the film A Holiday Surprise from your online store, which I intended to give it to my 3-year-old son as a gift. 
    私は、最近御社のオンラインストアで映画『A Holiday Surprise』を買いました。私の3歳の息子に贈るつもりでした。
  7. This was later confirmed in a follow-up e-mail from them.
  8. Flash-1 Business Magazine describes Wadhir County, which has low property tax rates, as an excellent location for office complexes.
    『Flash-1 Business Magazine』は、固定資産税が低いWadhir郡を、総合オフィスビルにうってつけの場所と評しています。
  9. measures consumer trends through periodical serveys of online visitors.
  10. The unique mechanisms inside the Hachit X12 vacuum cleaner set it apart as the most innovative design currently on the South African market.
    Hachit X12 電気掃除機の優れた内部構造は、同掃除機を今日の南アフリカ市場において最も革新的な設計として際立たせています。
  11. E-mailed notices from Golden Cloud Bank politely reminded customers that all transactions processed after 5:30 P.M.would appear on their accounts the following day.
    Golden Cloud BankからのEメール通知は、午後5時30分以降に処理された取引はすべてその翌日に顧客の口座に表示されるということを、丁寧に顧客に伝えました。
  12. Melissa Li's new digital audio product would have been released sooner if issues regarding international copyrights had not arisen.
    もし国際著作権の問題が持ち上がっていなかったら、Merissa Liさんの新しいデジタルオーディオ製品はもっと早く発売されていたことでしょう。
  13. New company recruits were told to report to Human Resources Director Aquino on their first day, unless otherwise instructed.
  14. Following a lengthy review, it emerged that shares inherited by the Chen Family were theirs to sell after all.
  15. Eventually, Ricardo Manufacturing Inc. worked out a successful new marketing strategy for Eastern Europe.
    最終的には、Ricardo Manufacturing社は東欧に向けて有効な新マーケティング戦略を編み出しました。
  16. Tenden Manufacturing's chief negotiator described initial talks about the merger as extremely promising.
    Tenden Manufacturing社の交渉責任者は、合併に関する初交渉を、極めて見込みがあると評しました。
  17. Ms. Rao asked members of her section to remit any expense claims to her by the end of the month.
  18. The central motivation behind Sordoba Home and Garden's plan to launch a retail outlet in Bangkok only became apparent at a later date.
    Sordoba Home and Gardenがバンコクにおいて小売店を始める、という計画の背後にある主な動機は、後になってようやく明らかになりました。
  19. DietRhyte helps people guard against impulsive eating by suppressing feelings of hunger.
  20. Notices were distributed among staff to inform them that certain parking spots were to be designated execulsively for customers as of April 9.
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