Astronomy: Chapter 7

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  1. Celestial Object
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    • any object that exists in space
    • e.g. star, planet, asteroid, comet
  2. Astronomer
    • a scientist who studies astronomy
    • (the study of the night sky)
  3. Revolution
    • The movement of one object around another.
    • e.g. the movement of the Earth around the Sun.
    • 1 revolution = 1 year
  4. Rotation
    The movement of an object around its own axis.

    • e.g. the movement of Earth around its axis
    • 1 rotation = 1day
  5. Constellation
    • A group of stars that seem to form a distictive pattern in the sky
    • e.g. Orion, Ursa Major, Ursa Minro
  6. Light-year
    • The distance light travles in a year
    • 1 ly = 9.5 x 1012 km
  7. Apparent Magnitude
    the brightness of a star as seen from Earth
  8. Latitude
    • The location above or below the equator
    • Equator     = 0o
    • Kitchener   = 43.4528o N
    • North Pole  = 90o N
  9. Tides
    the rising and falling of ocean water caused by the Moon's and Earth's gravity
  10. Ellipse
    a curve that is generally referred to as being oval or the shape of an egg

    orbits are generally ellipse shaped
  11. Phases of the Moon
    the monthly progression of changes in the appearance of the Moon that result from different portions of the Moon's sunlit side being visible from Earth
  12. Eclipse
    the phenomenon in which one celestail object moves directly in front of another celestial object as viewed from Earth
  13. Lunar Eclipse
    the phenomenon in which the full Moon passes into Earth's shadow
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