company ledger

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  1. 13. Under “Apparatus inventory”, the numbers are not
    necessary for _______ and ___________. 
    • .      
    • Tires and Batteries 
  2. 12. T/F The “Apparatus Inventory” page is for all unattached
    equipment carried on the apparatus other than hose. 
    • F (permanently attached such as pump, mct,
    • radio)
  3. 11. All inventory items (Apparatus/Equipment/Hose/Station)
    shall be physically checked and accounted for 
    by ___________________________ during the month of _____________.
    • Senior person (Captain/Med Lt.),  January
  4. 10. Which page do you document work performed by Operations
    personnel, including apparatus, equipment, station, and yard maintenance?
    • Maintenance
  5. 9. Which page is all work not performed by Operations
    personnel entered on?
    • Apparatus/Station/Equipment
  6. 8. T/F On the “Maintenance” Page of the Ledger, describe the
    type of maintenance performed.  Include
    all maintenance performed by Support personnel only. 
    • F (Operations)
  7. 7. On what page of the ledger are Call Backs, Fire Drills
    and Official Notices documented?
    • Miscellaneous Activities
  8. 6. T/F When documenting inspection hours on the Building
    inspections page, time spent responding to incidents shall be deducted from the
    total hours inspecting. 
    • True
  9. 5. What kind of leave is PTL?
    • Parental Leave (FMLA)
  10. 4. T/F The “Run #” column on the monthly incidents page is
    an optional column?
    4. True
  11. Rain gauge reading is faxed to ______________.
    • Logistics Captain
  12. 2. End of the Month Reports shall be done by the officer
    __________________, and shall be sent in no later than the ___ day of the
    • 1.      
    • Coming on duty on the first day of the month, 3rd
  13. Company Ledgers

    1. How often shall Battalion Chiefs inspect their
    Captains/Medical Lieutenants Ledgers?
    • Bimonthly 
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